TOP-20 Сhristmas caricature gifts for husband that any man would like

A Christmas gift for the husband is a difficult choice many women face on the eve of a big holiday. What is a good gift for my husband for Christmas? - They wonder. It's okay if you know what he wants, but most of the time, you have to puzzle over to find the best option. You can, of course, ask your husband directly what he would like you to give him. But what if you want to make a surprise, or are you looking for the best gift for a husband who has everything? In this case, turn your imagination to the fullest and turn to unusual and creative solutions. The primary purpose of the Christmas gift is to show attention and love. Spending a lot of money to express a warm attitude towards your husband is unnecessary. The gift may be small, but it has to be talking to the man you love to understand how you feel about him. A cute and funny cartoon will perfectly cope with such a task. Here are 20 Christmas present ideas for a husband who has everything!

Merry Christmas caricature

Would you like to see a smile on your busy husband’s face at Christmas? Then give him a fun caricature, depicting him as a hero of some Christmas fairy tale. Indeed he never saw himself like this! Ask to add as many Christmas attributes to the picture to create a festive atmosphere. This original cartoon will be a great addition to the Christmas decor and, for a long time, will delight your loved one with its positivity. And when he looks at this picture, the smile on his lips will blossom more than once.

Family caricature

What is the best gift for your husband for Christmas if his main value is family? Of course, a funny portrait in which there are loved ones and relatives. Order a caricature of your family for your husband. Secretly collect photos of the children and relatives he loves and appreciates. Let the cheerful cartoon reflect the love and positivity that reign in your family. It will be a source of the warmest emotions and memories for your husband. He may decide to put this cartoon on his desk or the wall in your bedroom.

Joint caricature

Well, we are sure you have a lot of pictures with your husband, but no joint cartoons. Order for your beloved man a cheerful caricature which shows you together. Add a few hearts to express your love - any man will be pleased with such a talking gift. It will tell you how you feel and appreciate him and how happy you are to be around him. The cartoon will allow you to do it in a jocular form, but any man would appreciate such attention. If you do not have a suitable photo together, you can choose two photos that will be combined into a joint portrait.

Pet caricature

If your husband is one of those who first declares that 'this cat won't set foot in our house' and then blows away dust particles out of your pet - he will fully appreciate this gift. Give him a funny caricature of your beloved pet, and you will see what joy this present will bring. To enhance the effect, you can imagine your favourite cat or dog in an unusual environment and with unusual attributes. Such a fun picture will be a real decoration of your home and will keep pleasant memories of your fluffy.

Original T-shirt

Every woman asks herself: What would be a good Christmas gift for my husband? A t-shirt with a funny print on it would be a great idea. Wearing such a T-shirt, your husband literally 'will put on' positive emotions and will be able to carry them with him all day. Think about which image to choose. Maybe your joint portrait or a picture of your favourite cat? You know well what your beloved man likes. I’m sure your husband has never had such a shirt before!

Jolly mug

On a cold winter day, it’s so nice to enjoy a cup of hot tea! Your husband will be doubly pleased to receive this tea from you in an original mug with a funny picture. You can place your own caricature or your children's cartoon on the mag - such a cartoon will warm up no less than hot tea!

Husband’s cartoon with a pint

Do you like beer as much as we do? Any man will answer this question affirmatively. So your husband’s caricature with a beer would be a great gift. You can imprint it with his favourite brand of beer or a variety he’s never had before. If you also like to have a glass of beer with your husband occasionally, then make a joint cartoon to highlight your common interest in a foam drink! Such a gift can be called ideal for a real beer lover.

Cartoon 'Avid fisherman'

If your husband regularly goes fishing with friends and loves to describe in detail the catch, and there is no place for fishing rods, tackle and other tools in the house, give your beloved one a fun picture where he is represented in his favourite role - fisherman. It could be a personal portrait or an image together with his fellow fishermen. To add more humour, place yourself in this merry company, and you will see how what impression it will make! Don’t forget to capture the biggest fish you can imagine in a cartoon! Isn’t that what every fisherman dreams of?

Cartoon 'Hunter'

No less fishing men love hunting. If your husband is an avid hunter, give him a funny cartoon with his image and hunting attributes. You can place your husband on any landscape, whether it be a thick northern forest or hot African savannah. His prey can be the most dangerous and powerful predator in your caricature - from a fierce tiger to a fast and cunning boar. Deep down, every hunter dreams of such a portrait. Realize this dream, and give your beloved man an unforgettable gift!

Cartoon 'Biker'

Is your man a motorcycle fan? Does he dream of slipping along the highway in a leather jacket on a high-spirited steel horse? Although you can not give him a real motorcycle, bringing his cherished dream closer is quite feasible! Let your Christmas gift be a fun caricature on which your beloved one will become the most authentic biker. They say it will come true if you visualize a wish for a long time. Who knows, maybe this cheerful cartoon will be the first step to fulfilling your husband's dream.

Cartoon 'Chef'

One of the Christmas gift ideas for a husband who doesn’t want anything can be a cheerful cartoon where your husband is depicted in a chef’s robe with all the kitchen attributes. In this way, you will hint that you would like to try some dish prepared by his hands. Or pay tribute to him as a great cook. After all, as you know, the best chefs are men. It is a pity that they do not show their talent often. Maybe this Christmas gift will inspire your husband to create new culinary masterpieces.

Cartoon 'Manager'

If your husband spends all day in the office and does a hundred different things, present him with a cartoon image of a multitasking manager. Choose a suitable photo to make your beloved one look important and responsible worker. Such a gift will show that you understand his job's difficulty and how much he does for you. The husband will be pleased with such attention and will definitely appreciate the witty and funny gift.

Cartoon 'Photographer'

Does your husband like photography, or is he a professional photographer? Emphasize your respect for his talent by handing him a cheerful cartoon on which he will appear as a creative photographer. Think of how to portray your husband the best. What camera to put in his hands? His favourite or the one he only dreams about? Add maximum detail to the cartoon, and it will play with bright colours, becoming a source of positive emotions. We are sure that both professional and amateur photographers will appreciate such a gift.

Cartoon 'Doctor'

If your husband is a doctor, he needs positive emotions. The easiest way to give him a little bit of joy is to give him a funny cartoon on medical subjects. Portray it in a familiar environment with professional tools. Complete the picture with a funny inscription, and you will see a smile on your husband’s face. A fun cartoon will take a decent place in his office or on the desktop. And you will hear a sincere 'thank you' for the given positive emotions.

Cartoon 'Military'

A military career leaves no room for jokes and fun. But many men would like to see themselves in uniform. Why not combine humour and uniforms in a wonderful cartoon? It will be appropriate for both a professional soldier and a man who has never taken up arms. Portray your spouse in the form of a strong and reliable military, emphasizing his manhood and strength. He will surely be satisfied!

Caricature 'Pilot'

Even if your husband is not a professional pilot, he is the pilot of your family, so a cartoon of the pilot will be appropriate. Imagine your husband as a stylish pilot, choosing the most modern liner for him, or portray him sitting at the helm of a cartoon plane. His best friend or pet will look great as a co-pilot. Or maybe you want to sit in this chair yourself? Let your common plane rush to the blue sky, where no boundaries exist.

Cartoon 'Policeman'

Do you think that your husband plays the role of policeman in the family, maintaining order and balance? Then give him a cheerful cartoon, where he will appear in a police uniform against the right background. Looking at such a picture, it is impossible not to smile, and positive emotions are guaranteed to your spouse. Think about what details can be added to the portrait to make it speak. Should you put the staff in the hands of a policeman? Or handcuffs? What would add humour and make your husband smile?

Caricature in the Harry Potter Style

For Harry Potter fans, portraying their favourite heroes brings great joy. If your husband is a fan of the novel, give him the pleasure of immersing himself in the world of miracles and sorcery. Give him a cartoon of him wearing a Hogwarts pupil’s robe with a magic wand. Such a cartoon would be appropriate in the case when your husband doesn’t get you a Christmas present. Hint to him that he is a wizard and can fulfil your wish with a wave of a magic wand! You can supplement the cartoon with a talking inscription. We are sure that the return gift will not take long.

Cartoon 'Superhero'

Have you always dreamed of meeting a superhero? It turns out he’s been living with you for years. This is your husband, who solves many different tasks daily to make your marriage stronger and happier. He is a true superhero and worthy of respect! Give him a jocular portrait in which your husband will appear as a strong and agile superhero. This way, you will show that you appreciate him and are grateful for everything he does for you. Any man will be glad to receive such a declaration of love.

Cartoon 'Sportsman'

What is the perfect gift for my husband on Christmas - you ask yourself. Give him a charge of energy and sports excitement by handing him a caricature of his image in a sports setting. If he regularly visits the hall or goes to football, he will appreciate such a gift. A funny cartoon will fit a man who does not do sports too. It can be a stimulus to make a measured life more active and fulfilling. Who knows, wouldn’t a jolly caricature of an athlete-husband change his life forever?


To create a festive mood, it is not necessary to buy your husband an expensive gift. Show some imagination and move away from the usual patterns. The main thing is that your gift evokes positive emotions and demonstrates your love. The best way to show how much you value your spouse is to give him a fun and cute cartoon. In a jocular form, it will tell him about something you rarely talk about. Moreover, such a drawing will be a source of pleasant memories. They will stay in your house for many years, bringing a smile to your family, friends and acquaintances each time.