Как это работает ?

пошаговое руководство по оформлению заказа

Как это работает ?

1. Выберите свой любимый стиль рисования, преувеличение и тема

2. Предоставьте описание и загрузите свои фотографии

Убедитесь, что изображения имеют высокое качество. Лицо на фотографии должно быть видно хорошо и полностью. Не загружайте фотографию своего лица, только анфас.
2. Предоставьте описание
и загрузите свои фотографии

3. Выберите время рисования и параметры печати.

Заполнитель заголовка

Заполнитель описания

3. Выберите время рисования и параметры печати.-0

Заполнитель заголовка

Заполнитель описания

3. Выберите время рисования и параметры печати.-1

Заполнитель заголовка

Заполнитель описания

3. Выберите время рисования и параметры печати.-2

Заполнитель заголовка

Заполнитель описания

3. Выберите время рисования и параметры печати.-3



3. Выберите время рисования и параметры печати.-4

4. Получите свой потрясающий рисунок и оцените его.


I have had a few request for changes and you have done them so willingly. I am very hapy with the final outcome. Thank you so much. As it is a christmas present I cant wait to see it up on the wall after christmas.


You are all awesome! We love working with you and your team at Photolamus! This is our 3rd year using you for our Holiday cards and we are so happy we found your company.


LA réalisation est très sympa et on reconnait aisément les personnages. Je pense que cette surprise fera plaisir.


Hello, I LOVE this so very much - this has exceeded my expectations!!! Thank you so VERY much!!! I'm speechless


Wow, our picture came out better than expected and very quick turnaround time! Will order again for sure!


Wie auch beim ersten Auftrag und jetzt, sehr gute Arbeit!


Love it! The artist is very considerate of the users requests. Very satisfied!


It's perfect. Exactly what we wanted. Thanks so much!

Как это работает

How does Photolamus work? 

Ordering and getting an excellent caricature will be an easy mission. Just choose Photolamus to acquire the best online art drawings! Upload a photo you want to rebuild into a funny caricature or hand-drawn portrait, and our experts will soon perform your order. Let us know how you see the desired portrait or caricature. That is practically all you need to do using our online ordering service.  

How does it work: step-by-step instruction on how to order caricatures: 

  1. Select your favorite drawing style, exaggeration and theme 
  2. Provide a description and upload your photos 
  3. Select drawing time and printing options 
  4. Our artists will Hand-Draw your caricature & deliver it to your email for preview! 
  5. Once you are 100% happy with the drawing, we will print and ship it! 

Clear instructions and automatic ordering process 

Launching an online order has always been challenging. Photolamus provides clear instructions for ordering original caricatures according to your creative task. Follow the instructions and get high-quality personalized cartoon portraits to celebrate your precious memories. Our Photolamus guide will break the process into clear steps for our clients to feel confident and comfortable. 

Complete assistance with Photolamus customer support

Sometimes, ordering online can be very frustrating, especially when you're stuck between steps. Photolamus customer support team assists in facilitating clients’ purchases or experiences. Their main goal is to deliver customer solutions and overall positive experiences. Caricature online order provides you with the most comfortable possibilities to make an excellent gift. To satisfy the needs of our customers as far as possible, Photolamus provides a full range of assistance available. You can submit an online order by inputting a short form to get a quote. As soon as you confirm your order - our artist will start working on the drawing. Within one working day, you will be contacted by a representative of the Photolamus Support team with your order confirmation or a custom quote. If you are experiencing difficulties downloading the drawing from the website or are still waiting to get an email from us with a link to your email by ETA - feel free to contact us at support@photolamus.com.