Заполните короткую форму, чтобы получить цену вашей карикатуры

Заполните форму ниже, чтобы получить персонализированное предложение для вашего рисунка карикатуры. В течение 1 рабочего дня вы получите сообщение с указанием цены на карикатуру.

Сколько персонажей вы бы хотели, чтобы мы нарисовали?

Укажите общее количество людей, домашних животных, транспортных средств или других главных героев, которых вы хотите, чтобы мы нарисовали. Все персонажи могут быть нарисованы из отдельных фотографий или групповых фотографий.



Ваши требования к рисованию

Как бы вы хотели получить свой рисунок?

Файл JPG, 300 точек на дюйм , 4000px
Digital file caricature
Ваш рисунок будет доставлен в виде потрясающего, готового к печати файла JPG с разрешением 4000px и разрешением 300 dpi на вашу электронную почту.

Ваш рисунок может быть напечатан на следующих продуктах:

Печатная копия


Ваш чертеж будет доставлен в виде готовой к печати цифровой печати на высококачественной архивной бумаге Fujifilm Crystal.



Ваш рисунок будет доставлен в виде высококачественной печати на холсте, отрезанной до выбранного размера и тщательно смонтированной на сплошной деревянной раме.

Framed Prints


Get your beautiful caricature printed on high quality photo paper with perfectly-fitted frames.

Acrylic Prints


Perfect combination of fortified acrylic glass and professional 12-color photo print reproduction. The flawless polished glass brings depth and vividness to your acrylic photo print, while the hidden hanging system creates a dynamic floating effect.

Фото кружка


Ваш рисунок будет напечатан на белой кофейной кружке, выполненной из прочного керамического материала. Посудомоечная машина и микроволновая печь.

Фото футболка


Выразите свою индивидуальность в комфорте и стиле с помощью специальной футболки с карикатурой, предназначенной для черно-белой или полноцветной печати.

Загрузите любые соответствующие фотографии для вашего рисунка:

Фото советы::

  • Выберите четкие фотографии, где каждое лицо ясно видно;
  • Вы можете загружать как отдельные, так и групповые фотографии;

У вас есть строгий срок?

Куда мы должны отправить вашу цену карикатуры?

Если у вас уже есть аккаунт

Доставка и доставка

Ваш цифровой пользовательский рисунок будет доставлен по электронной почте в виде файла JPG с разрешением 4000 пикселей. Дополнительные варианты доставки: Пользовательский рисунок на холсте, Печатный пользовательский рисунок в виде фотокопии и Карикатура, напечатанная на кружке.

Бесплатное дополнение к темам

Мы предлагаем несколько тем и стилей для ваших пользовательских рисунков: романтика, супергерои, свадьба, профессии и хобби, фильмы и многое другое. Все темы могут быть добавлены абсолютно бесплатно в ваш цифровой пользовательский рисунок.

Неограниченные ревизии

Наша главная цель - заставить вас влюбиться в свой собственный рисунок! Любые модификации, запрошенные после окончательной доставки вашего заказного портрета, будут выполнены с удовольствием. Мы будем продолжать рисовать, пока вы не будете на 100% счастливы!

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Perfekt, thanks very much, my picture very wonderful, Great Job


I absolutely love our caricatur! Very pleasing service and nice people. Communication is very friendly and individual. I recommend this service to everyone!


Photolamus was great with making sure we were happy with our finished product. I think we made around 3 changes to ours and even though the original was done great it just needed some tweaking. They were more than helpful and accommodating to make sure we got just what we wanted. I would recommend this company and would order from them again in the future. Thanks so much for you help!


The drawing was accurate and very colorful..... great customer service too! :-)


They did an excellent job for the caricature my fiance and I requested for our wedding coming up this summer. We can't wait to share it with our friends and family!


I am extremely pleased with Photolamus! They were very prompt with communication, accommodating to any edits I asked for (because I changed my mind, not because the original product was bad), and eager to please! I was impressed by their skills, and my coworker loved the caricature I had drawn of her! Can't speak more highly of their service!


Photolamus did a fabulous job on our custom creation caricature for dad's 80th birthday celebration! All the party-goers were amazed. We had one print made as a poster to have all attendees sign. Great customer service through Julie with renditions...just a few and we were good to go. Thanks Photolamus team.


Amazing!! I was so pleased with the final product. The artist was very responsive and captured what I wanted perfectly.


This company is absolutely the best. I had some special request and they were so quick to work with every detail and even help out with their own to make the picture perfect and beyond what I imagined. We hadn’t our boys done on vacation which is what made me and my husband want one. Ours was amazing so much color and detail. We came back and ordered a second one with all 4 of us and I’m patiently sitting on the edge off my seat constantly checking my email. I’m so excited. I would never go to another company for caricatures again. A lot of people asked where we had ours done and I’ve recommended them to multiple friends which is something I rarely do. I couldn’t not have been happier with the picture blew me away and have never worked with a company so helpful.

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Отзывы клиентов

Absolutely adore this! Whomever the artist is does a great job! I love that they will focus on the important stuff to the individual requesting! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to reach out to you all again!
This company went above and beyond for me. I made the request of asking for a drawing for many of my friends and they followed every detail I gave. Not only that, but when I requested a few modifications on the drawings, they had no problem in making the changes and in an extremely timely manner. I could not recommend a company more if you're looking to give your grooms or bridesmaids an unforgettable gift
The service was fast; I got my drawing sooner than I expected and it turned out great! The artist did a fabulous job of capturing my dogs and everyone I have shown the picture loves it. I look forward to having more done in the future.
Thank you for so quickly fixing the background issue. I greatly appreciate it and you've made the timeline I needed to give it to my new husband as part of my wedding gift. Thank you!
I love my drawing! The artist captured her face perfectly. Her right ear flapped over more and the artist captured that! Fortune cookie is no longer with me and I wanted a rainbow picture, and this one is perfect!!
This drawing captures the eyes and expression of Amos perfectly! I couldn't be happier, thank you.
Absolutely love it!! I Will definitely be a return customer. Thank you so much 😃😃😃
Picture is absolutely perfect. Customer service was amazing. They were willing to modify the picture to add my pups distinctive features without any hassle. Will be using them again!
I highly recommend!! I love it 🥰 and on top they were very patient with me and did everything I asked to tweak it to make it perfect for me!!! The original was stunning, but the adjustments made it perfect for me and they did them with no issue and I really appreciate the time and effort!!! Thank you.
Oh my gosh! Love it! This is a bday present for my daughter who just adores this little dog! She will adore it! Thank you so much. It looks just like him.
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