Прощальный Подарок

Карикатура - это отличный прощальный подарок на такое событие, как переезд, переход на другую работу или даже выход на пенсию.

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  • Прощальная Вечеринка

    Сделайте прощальную вечеринку незабываемой! Оригинальный прощальный рисунок обязательно станет изюминкой прощального вечера.

  • Прощальная Благодарность

    Подарите своим любимым красивый прощальный подарок - веселую карикатуру или красивый портрет нарисованный с ваших фото.

  • Карикатура на Рабочем Месте

    Запечатлейте рабочие моменты человека покидающего вашу компанию на веселой рабочей карикатуре! Такая карикатура запомнится на всегда!

Отзывы клиентов

I have wanted to have a caricature done for many years but just kept putting it off. Boy am I glad I found Photlamus!!! Easy instructions and first rate communication made this a very pleasant experience!! The artist went above and beyond my expectations. I will be doing more business as this is a great birthday gift for my friends. 5 stars from me!!

This is the 3rd time I have used Photolamus and I can't be happier! They always do an amazing job!!! This guys are 100 stars!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

I asked for a caricature of my daughter for a logo for my cake business. At first I weren't happy with my drawing, I asked them to change it and to my surprise they were absolutely fine with amending it! I don't normally like asking things like that I felt awful but they were amazing, amended it within a day and the drawing was perfect! I'm so happy with it. Thank you photolamus! And the price was great too. So thank you again I will definitely no doubt be using your services again.

Fantastic , Great pic really pleased even asked for a few changes and this was happily carried out - thank you I can't wait to give my personal kitsch gift xxx

amazing work , one of the best place where i can get my drawings done so perfect.

The picture turned out amazing & their customer service is awesome! Highly recommend!

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Хотите повесить свою карикатуру на стену?

Напечатайте ваше любимое фото или рисунок на холсте с доставкой прямо на дом! Удивите своих близких таким замечательным подарком – этого они точно никогда не забудут!

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