Свадебные Шаржи

Добавь еще больше веселья и позитива своей свадьбе или годовщине при помощи наших красивых свадебных шаржей и портретов!

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  • Свадебный Подарок

    Если вы ищете свадебный подарок для молодоженов или уже женатой пары, то наши свадебные шаржи подойдут как нельзя лучше!

  • Свадебные Пригласительные

    Наши свадебные шаржи и портреты отлично смотрятся на оригинальных свадебных пригласительных, которые несомненно впечатлят всех ваших гостей!

  • Свадебная Годовщина

    Запечатлейте на всю жизнь вашу помолвку или свадебную церемонию на красивом портрете, изображающим самый важный момент вашей жизни!

Отзывы клиентов

Great job with the photo! It's better than I expected!

I wanted a portrait drawing to be used as profile picture on my new Facebook page. The service was great from start to finish and all communication was promptly done through FB messenger. They 've even gone the extra mile when I requested some major changes on the initial deliverable. Highly recommended - Will definitely use Photolamus again in the future.

Amazing picture, exactly what i wanted, they made the few little changes i asked for with no issues. Great customer service 😆

I absolutely loved the drawing that I received from the picture I submitted!! Thank you so much.

5 Star service and I would HIGHLY recommend.

I wanted to make a memorable gift and always wanted to do a caricature. I found photolamus and looked at all the reviews and pictures they had. So I decided to give it a try. They were very helpful and got back to me in a timely manner. With the final result, I couldn't be any more happier. The picture is very detailed and exactly how I explained it to them. I want to thank Max and Julie for being 1003% professional. Photolamus will definitely make my gifts memorable for my friends. I definitely will go through them for any future drawings.

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