Свадебные Шаржи

Добавь еще больше веселья и позитива своей свадьбе или годовщине при помощи наших красивых свадебных шаржей и портретов!

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  • Свадебный Подарок

    Если вы ищете свадебный подарок для молодоженов или уже женатой пары, то наши свадебные шаржи подойдут как нельзя лучше!

  • Свадебные Пригласительные

    Наши свадебные шаржи и портреты отлично смотрятся на оригинальных свадебных пригласительных, которые несомненно впечатлят всех ваших гостей!

  • Свадебная Годовщина

    Запечатлейте на всю жизнь вашу помолвку или свадебную церемонию на красивом портрете, изображающим самый важный момент вашей жизни!

Отзывы клиентов

These guys are amazing. I felt like I was being picky about little things but since it is going on my business t-shirts of course I wanted it to be perfect. They worked with me and touched up everything I asked. I love my drawing.

Had a group caracature drawn by Photolamus, the service provided has been top drawer from start to finish and although reading reviews before hand I was expecting quality the finished drawing still exceeded my expectations! Thanks guys!

I love each of the drawings I have had done through Photolamas. They have been very easiy to work with and are quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I am looking foward to ordering from them in the future and have recommended them to many of my friends and family.

The artist did such an awesome job on the characture I requested! When I then requested some additional modifications, it was done with perfection and in the same day! I'm so pleased, and can't wait for my friend to receive this gift to him!

I was so happy when I received my caricature logo for my business. Superb job.

Excellent job. I could not be more thrilled with my drawing. This is going to be the centerpiece for my son's graduation and everyone will love it.

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