Спиральная тетрадь Карикатура

Персонализированные тетради идеально подходят для журналов или подарков, особенно с нанесенным на них рисунком карикатуры!

Спиральная тетрадь Карикатура
Спиральная тетрадь Карикатура large example
  • Доставка и доставка

    Прежде всего, ваша индивидуальная карикатура будет отправлена по электронной почте в виде файла JPG высокого разрешения для вашего одобрения. Как только вы утвердите его, мы распечатаем чертеж на высококачественной персональной спиральной тетради и доставим к вам домой!

  • Свободный текст на ноутбуке

    Добавьте в свой рисунок любовное послание, пожелания на день рождения, благодарственное письмо, дату, имя, вашу любимую цитату или любое другое персонализированное сообщение для действительно уникальной покупки, идеально подходящей для любого случая. Любое сообщение будет написано от руки на вашем чертеже бесплатно.

  • Изменения карикатуры

    Мы хотим, чтобы вы любили полученную карикатуру! Модификации, запрошенные после доставки вашего чертежа, будут выполнены с удовольствием. Мы приступим к печати только после того, как вы утвердите чертеж!

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Photo tips:

  • Select the photos where faces are clearly seen
  • We can draw from separate or group photos

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I absolutely love our caricatur! Very pleasing service and nice people. Communication is very friendly and individual. I recommend this service to everyone!


Photolamus was great with making sure we were happy with our finished product. I think we made around 3 changes to ours and even though the original was done great it just needed some tweaking. They were more than helpful and accommodating to make sure we got just what we wanted. I would recommend this company and would order from them again in the future. Thanks so much for you help!


The drawing was accurate and very colorful..... great customer service too! :-)


They did an excellent job for the caricature my fiance and I requested for our wedding coming up this summer. We can't wait to share it with our friends and family!


I am extremely pleased with Photolamus! They were very prompt with communication, accommodating to any edits I asked for (because I changed my mind, not because the original product was bad), and eager to please! I was impressed by their skills, and my coworker loved the caricature I had drawn of her! Can't speak more highly of their service!


Photolamus did a fabulous job on our custom creation caricature for dad's 80th birthday celebration! All the party-goers were amazed. We had one print made as a poster to have all attendees sign. Great customer service through Julie with renditions...just a few and we were good to go. Thanks Photolamus team.

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Отзывы клиентов

Absolutely stunning. Centerpiece artwork in our home! I have no children so having my fur babies displayed so beautifully and unique warms my heart. Thank you so much.
Wow - I did not expect that the drawing will be that fantastic!!!! Great job, I am really impressed! So happy - thank you :)
Thank you so much!
This is a valentines gift for my partner and I couldn't be happier with it!
It took a few days longer than I'd hoped but now that I've seen the result, I'm ecstatic!!!
Amazing! The vibrant color is beautiful, the likeness is incredible. Totally surpassed my expectations! I can't wait to surprise my husband with this on V-Day. Also, to the artist...thank you for adding more hair on my husband, he'll be very happy about that👍😉
Customer service was amazing, I was finicky and asked for a few things to be redrawn and they were more than obliging, so happy with the end result...thanks guys :)
I ordered one for my mom of her dogs, then had to come back to get some of all five of ours! I couldn't be happier! And when I wasn't happy with one of them, even though I told them I thought I just picked the wrong picture, they let me submit a new picture of the same pup for no extra charge!! And I absolutely love it!! I recommend this to everyone!
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