Karikatur von eine große Familie im Bleistifte Stil


Bestellen Sie eine fantastische Familienkarikatur, die von Fotos im Buntstifte-Stil handgezeichnet wird. Unser talentierter Photolamus-Künstler wird für Sie und Ihre Familienmitglieder ein unglaubliches Familienbild mit leicht lustiger Übertreibung zeichnen, damit Ihre Familie ihre Schönheiten und ihr Konzept genießen kann. Wir können eine Karikatur von wirklich großen Familien mit Großeltern, Cousins, Haustieren erschaffen, auf die Sie wahrscheinlich anhand der folgenden Beispiele aufmerksam gemacht haben. Es wird eine große Erfahrung machen, eine Karikatur für Sie und Ihre Familie zu zeichnen. Familienkarikatur oder -Porträt wird immer eine unglaubliche Geschenkidee zu irgendeiner Gelegenheit und Ereignissen in Ihrer Familie, zum Beispiel Geburtstage, Jahrestag, Weihnachten, Ruhestand, Förderung, Vatertag und Muttertag. Gruppenkarikatur wird als druckfertige JPG-Datei an Ihre E-Mail-Adresse geliefert. Zusätzliche Versandoptionen: Original-Karikaturzeichnung auf A4- oder A3-Papier, Karikatur gedruckte auf Leinwand und Karikatur auf Fotopapier in verschiedenen Größen.

  • Zeichnungs-Stil
    Bunt (Bleistifte)
  • Körpertyp
    Kopf und Schultern
  • Thema
    Kein Motiv
  • Hintergrund
  • Übertreubung
    Etwas lustige Cartoon

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Erhalten Sie erstaunliche Karikaturen, Porträten von Ihren Fotos. Das Bestellen ist einfach: Laden Sie so viel Fotos wie Sie wollen und die Beschreibung – wir werden Ihnen eine Karikatur zeichnen, die Sie, Ihre Familie unde Freunde für immer schätzen werden. Eine Karikatur ist die beste Option für ein Geburtstaggeschenk, Jubiläumsgeschenk oder Hochzeitgeschenk. Sie können sie für Personliches Leben und Geschäft nutzen.

Facebook Bewertungen

Photolamus was great with making sure we were happy with our finished product. I think we made around 3 changes to ours and even though the original was done great it just needed some tweaking. They were more than helpful and accommodating to make sure we got just what we wanted. I would recommend this company and would order from them again in the future. Thanks so much for you help!

The drawing was accurate and very colorful..... great customer service too! :-)

They did an excellent job for the caricature my fiance and I requested for our wedding coming up this summer. We can't wait to share it with our friends and family!

I am extremely pleased with Photolamus! They were very prompt with communication, accommodating to any edits I asked for (because I changed my mind, not because the original product was bad), and eager to please! I was impressed by their skills, and my coworker loved the caricature I had drawn of her! Can't speak more highly of their service!

Photolamus did a fabulous job on our custom creation caricature for dad's 80th birthday celebration! All the party-goers were amazed. We had one print made as a poster to have all attendees sign. Great customer service through Julie with renditions...just a few and we were good to go. Thanks Photolamus team.

Amazing!! I was so pleased with the final product. The artist was very responsive and captured what I wanted perfectly.

This company is absolutely the best. I had some special request and they were so quick to work with every detail and even help out with their own to make the picture perfect and beyond what I imagined. We hadn’t our boys done on vacation which is what made me and my husband want one. Ours was amazing so much color and detail. We came back and ordered a second one with all 4 of us and I’m patiently sitting on the edge off my seat constantly checking my email. I’m so excited. I would never go to another company for caricatures again. A lot of people asked where we had ours done and I’ve recommended them to multiple friends which is something I rarely do. I couldn’t not have been happier with the picture blew me away and have never worked with a company so helpful.

Great service and great results! Julie was very responsive and made ordering easy!

Thank you for my drawing. I really glad that I found your website at the right time.

I had a very specific order for a very special moment, and they listened to every request and worked well with me to get an idea of exactly what I wanted. Excellent and fast communication as well as shipping. I received my physical original copy about two weeks before the expected date.

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Kunden Bewertungen

Wow, thank you for your attention to detail and listening to my requests. OUTSTANDING!!!!
Absolutely Amazing!!! I love it! Thanks so much
This is absolutely perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for, and it came so quickly! This was a birthday present for my boyfriend, but I love it so much, I've printed it out again and hung a copy in my own living room!
Thank you! I now have what I was looking for, and it was great to know you could make the necessary changes to please the client, lol.
Sieht super aus, bin sehr zufrieden. Vielen Dank
Thank you! Great drawing!
Beautiful drawing and very pleased by thank you
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