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Il correspond exactement à mes attentes super travail j’adore 😊


Beau travail! 😍😍😍 Super contente. Merci beaucoup ☺️


👏🏼quel talent. On a bien rit en découvrant nos caricatures. Delai respecté, bravo et merci 👍🏼


👏🏼quel talent. On a bien rit en découvrant nos caricatures. Delai respect, bravo et merci 👍🏼


BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! One request; Is it possible to add the part of the Golden Gate Bridge that was in the background. You can see one of the red supports in the fog. You have done EXCEPTIONAL work! Tito (the dog laying down) looks just like himself! (He's the alpha) Chocho also looks just like himself staring off into the distance. Chocho is a 17-years old "rescue dog" and has full kidney failure. Our children were taking their dogs on a last "road trip" before Chocho succumbs to the disease. My daughter-in-law has had Chocho with her since she was a young teenager. Thank you for making a memorial to their beloved pets. ~L


I really LOVE it! Just one small detail. Her hair should be lighter brown. If it’s possible


All 5 pics we did with Photolamus have been perfect. We'll definitely do more.


Very happy with the final result. Job well done with quick turnaround. I will definitely be a returning customer and refer others. Thank you very much.


We LOVE the drawing! Thank you!!!! Is it possible to take the sunglasses off the one person "Hunter" and the person "Mike" (third from right) is it possible to move his chin a bit back and down? I didn't realize that his picture was like that. Also, it is possible at an upcharge to get a color version of these too? Or is it possible to have the logo in color with all of us black and white? THANKS A MILLION!!!


The portait looks great, my only request would be if the puppy on top could be lighter than the one its leaning on. And if possible the colors could be more purple on the right side of the canvas and greener on the left. Sorry if thats too much!


Total schön und die Anmerkungen würden auch berücksichtigt.


Thank you so much for the exceeded my expectations - right down to the color of the shirt...Purple is my favorite color in a dress shirt...Sincerely Brian Kaplan, M.Photog., Cr-AFP


Wonderful and hilarious! Talented artist! Also appreciate the prompt edits with feedback!


Wonderful and hilarious! Talented artist! Also appreciate the prompt edits with feedback!


Wonderful and hilarious! Talented artist! Also appreciate the prompt edits with feedback!


Wonderful and hilarious! Talented artist! Also appreciate the prompt edits with feedback!


Wonderful! Drawings are hilarious! Thank you for making prompt edits with feedback as well!


AMAZING!! I was not expecting this to be so precisely accurate!!


Magnifique. Très ressemblant. Ça a eu son succès. Bravo et merci.


Oh my, this is perfect!!! Thank you so much for the lovely art you create!


Many thanks for this great drawing. The whole team appreciates it. Your team provided a perfect service, making small and big corrections quickly.


Merci pour l'ensemble qui est harmonieux et correspond à ma demande. Très beau travail.


This is perfect. You really captured the couple!!! Thank you!!!


It is so beyond perfect!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!


Great product, very fast - days ahead of promise. Had a couple of changes to the initial drawing and was done in a day.


captured what I wanted/needed; asked great questions; frankly, I was surprised they put so much effort into it; very pleased


Merci, dessin totalement conforme à ma demande et correspondant à mes attentes !


Thanks looks very good. could have been more caricutarized, bigger exes etc.. But I might order other portraits in same matching style. I hope that is possibel to order from same artist. Best wishes, Can


Buenas tardes, el dibujo cumple muy bien con la idea que en principio habíamos pensado. Nos gustaría si se pudiera realizar alguna pequeña modificación. En la parte de la izquierda de la foto nos gustaría que apareciera al lado de la silla del fondo y debajo de uno de los cuadros la planta que aparece en la foto que enviamos y al otro lado en la derecha en la pared que aparece vacía nos gustaría que se incluyera una frase enmarcada como si fuera un cuadro. La frase sería algo como "Soplan tiempos nuevos" ¡¡¡ A disfrutar...!!!. Por último si es posible en el montón de carpetas azul claro que aparecen encima de la mesa nos gustaría que apareciese en la caratula TESORERIA (ejemplo: se puede ver en la foto que enviamos, donde pone expediente poner TESORERIA) y en la esquina de la mesa al lado de los pies si puede aparecer la sumadora o bien que se vea un poco más el calendario y algún taco de post-it. Esperamos que se entienda. Muchas gracias.


The picture looks perfect. Exactly what we were looking for. Thank you very much for the amazing service and creativity.


Wow ihr seid wirklich klasse, das Bild ist wahnsinnig gut geworden. Ich bin wirklich begeistert und froh darüber mich für euer Team entschieden zu haben. Vielen Dank schon einmal dafür. Ihr habt das Orginal auch echt toll übernommen, ich hätte da aber noch ein paar persönliche Änderungswünsche, die mir z.B. teils auf dem Original garnicht so sehr aufgefallen sind und hoffe dass ihr da etwas machen könnt Linke Person: 1. Die Stirn wirkt recht Eierförmig. 🙈Vielleicht könnte man den Haaransatz an der Stirn ja ein wenig tiefer ansetzen oder etwas Haare quasi über die Stirn fallen lassen um das etwas zu kaschieren. Ich bin natürlich auch offen für andere Vorschläge, je nach dem welche Möglichkeit sich am besten eignet und aussehen würde 2. Außerdem ist über der Lippe ein schattiger Fleck. Leider sind es tatsächlich Herpesbläschen. Super wär wenn man den noch wegbekommen kann. Rechte Person: 1. Die Mimikfalten dürfen gerne ein ganz klein wenig ausgeprägter sein Nochmal lieben Dank 😊


This is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. This is my second drawing and I’ve never been more happy.


This is amazing , I really see my family in this picture, thank you


Thank you. that is near perfect and I will certainly continue using this service. I appreciate the time, skill and effort that went into this picture.


Beautiful!!! Can't wait to add this to the other 2 drawings.


Can you please color my husband’s shirt a light baby blue shade. This looks great and I love it.


These caricatures are great! I received them in a timely manner, and I feel like the artist really captured my cats' characteristics perfectly. Very excited to use these for some of our wedding signs!


Merci beaucoup, c'est vraiment bien réussi, J'espère qu'il aimera la caricature autant que je la trouve réussite! Le choix de l'artiste d'avoir utilisé un des t-shirts d'une des photos est top!


Se tivesse detalhado mais,não teria ficado tão perfeito. Comunicação super rápida,atenciosos e corretos com o prazo de entrega. Recomendo muito!


Super. Trop content du résultat. Et du coup je vous passe une autre commande aujourd'hui pour un autre collègue.


I love it! This is my second order and certainly NOT my last.


Absolutely love the drawing! We recently lost our dog and the drawing captures one of our favorite pictures of her. Thank you!


Thank you for the amazing drawing for our first mothers day as a family. Very responsive and adaptable to my requested changes too. Recommended already to many others. A+++


Absolutely Love it all! So many options and great artists working and allows so many artists the chance to show off their work!


Above and beyond what I asked for or expected. Very pleased with their work.


Really great job ! Thank you.... No Revisions Needed...


Thank you so much for that piece of art! I am absolutely amazed of the result!


Lovely picture! Really captures the personality of my pup :)


I was amazed how easy and fast the order was. Really. Picture was lovely and I will definetely order again.


rychlá a bezproblémová komunikace, skvělé zpracování a bezproblémová domluva nad dílčími úpravami - mohu jen doporučit!


I absolutely love it. Thank you soo much... it will remind me of my little man!!! You have done an amazing job!!!


Loved the first one I ordered for a friend ... and am now ordering a second for a birthday present ... great job and so happy :)


Best service, second order and so happy with the result. Thank you to the artist, I'm so excited to show my Mum on Mothers Day!!


Absolutely amazing job! They look almost identical to us. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to give this to Bri on her Birthday :)


Thank you so much! This is absolutely gorgeous!! I know the recipient will adore this! Great job!


Wow. Very pleased. Will definitely be ordering from photolamus again.

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