ТОP-18 best Christmas caricature gifts for your dad, filled with humor and love

Light and joyful holiday is coming, and you are thinking about what to gift your dad for Christmas. Finding a gift for Dad is a challenge, given the fact that getting an honest answer from him to the question about what he needs is next to impossible. But each of us wants to give something valuable and meaningful so that dad can be happy with the present and enjoy it. What could it be? What is a good gift for dad on Christmas? Is it necessary to spend a lot of money on it, or is something else important when choosing such a gift? For any dad, emotions and confirmation of your love are essential. He must know that you value him and are always close. The best expression of such a message is a cute, funny cartoon. So if you ask yourself: What can I gift my dad for Christmas? - boldly choose the cartoon on which your father will appear unusually. Don't you know which caricature to choose? Here are 18 cartoons for dad that will give him positive emotions and demonstrate your appreciation.

Christmas cartoon

The best Christmas gift for the dad, who has everything, is his Christmas-style caricature. This picture will add festive notes to the overall Christmas composition. Imagine your father as Santa rushing to give gifts to obedient children. For many years he did play this role by fulfilling your deepest desires. The cheerful cartoon reflects your gratitude and shows how much you appreciate Dad's efforts. In addition, this picture will be the original Christmas decor, which will perfectly fit into the festive atmosphere.

Father's portrait

If your dad likes to have fun and appreciates jokes and laughter, give him a cartoon portrait that will allow him to look at himself with your eyes. Show how you see or would like to see him. Such a cartoon will be a source of a good mood for a long time. We're sure the caricature will take a decent place on your dad's nightstand, along with family photos. In the daily bustle, any man needs positive emotions, and your dad will be able to get them every time he looks at a funny and cute cartoon.

Family caricature

What present should I get my dad for Christmas? - Every son and daughter asks a question. And the answer lies on the surface. For any father, there is nothing more precious than his family. Everything he does is aimed at the well-being of his relatives and close ones. Your dad will love the fun picture where you bring your big family together. It will reflect the warm and trusting relationship between you and show how important you are to each other. Let Dad become the center of this composition because it is he who holds your friendly and loving family together!

Cartoon with friends

Friends are a vital part of life for any person. And your dad is no exception. We are sure you are familiar with the closest of them and have witnessed your dad's friendly gatherings many times. You know how much friends mean to him! Show this by handing your father a merry caricature with his best friends. It will be a source of joy and positive emotions. Every time you look at this bright picture, your father will remember the fun moments from his life that he shared with his friends.

Christmas card

What to get for dad for a Christmas gift? Of course, something that will reflect this wonderful holiday. The usual Christmas card will not surprise anyone, but you can present it in the form of a fun caricature! Place your whole family on it, or make an individual portrait of your father. Add more festive strokes by choosing a suitable background or clothing. Such a funny card will help express your love and respect, even if you do not sign it. But still, we advise you to find appropriate words to make it even more talking!

Jolly mug

An excellent Christmas gift for a dad who doesn't want anything will be a fun mug. Everyone in the family has a mug, and your father should have one! Every morning he will be able to pour hot coffee or tea into it and charge positive emotions by looking at a funny cartoon. This could be your father's or your family's fun cartoon - think about what would make your dad happier. He will be pleased to ask in the morning, going into the kitchen: 'Where is my cup?'

Pet caricature

What is a good gift for a father at Christmas if he loves his pet? Of course, a caricature of his favorite ponytail! Men rarely show their feelings in public, but I'm sure you've seen your dad in the arms of a furry friend more than once when he thought nobody saw him. Our pets give a sea of love and joy, and the cartoon will allow you to capture these emotions for a long time. We're sure your father will secretly admire a cheerful picture with his faithful friend and remember the best moments associated with it.

Cartoon 'Dad-superhero'

What is the perfect Christmas gift for my dad? - you ask. What about a funny caricature on which he will appear as a superhero? In fact, your father is a real superhero who deals with many different daily problems for his family. Isn't that worthy of respect? A funny caricature will tell how much you appreciate what your dad does for you in a humorous way. It will demonstrate your love and faith in him. Such a picture will be a source of strength for your father. He'll be able to use it as a positive charge whenever he needs it.

Cartoons on the topic 'Hobbies'

Many dads can boast of some hobby to which they are happy to devote their free time. What is a great Christmas gift for dad, who has a hobby? Of course, a funny caricature related to this topic. You can choose any of the suggestions below, but if your dad has some exotic hobbies, turn on the fantasy and be original!

Cartoon 'Sportsman'

Is your dad active and goes in for sports? Give him a cheerful cartoon in which he will appear as an avid athlete surrounded by the same physical activity lovers. What could be more satisfying than seeing yourself with people who share your values? Probably, only to see a cheerful cartoon which depicts a sports team of like-minded people. Give your father a pleasant emotion, allowing him to plunge into his hobby world again. We are sure that such a picture will be a source of energy and an excellent mood for him.

Cartoon 'A fan of cooking'

For some men, a favorite hobby is cooking something delicious. If your father is one of them, we offer you a caricature in which he will appear as an experienced chef, casting spells over a barbecue. You can offer any other look, depending on Dad's preferences. Maybe he bakes pies best? Or cooks punch? Emphasize your father's unique culinary talent, and he will be grateful. The fun cartoon will be a telling testimony to his skills and will remind you how much you appreciate his care and desire to feed you the best dishes in the world!

Cartoon 'Gardener'

What to give your dad for a Christmas gift if he can't live without a garden? Of course, you can find several new bushes of roses or other plants for him. But it is best to give a cheerful cartoon reflecting Dad's passion. This picture will embody everything your father likes: a colorful flowering garden created by his hands and the positive emotions that work in the garden brings him. Surely your father will be delighted! He will hang this picture on the wall in his bedroom or will gladly show it to his friends and acquaintances.

Caricature 'Beer lover'

Every dad sometimes dreams of having a beer, but for some, it becomes a real hobby. Give him his cartoon with a big beer if your dad can't live without a foam drink. You can leave them alone, or you can add to the picture the best friends and acquaintances of your father who share his passion. Such cheerful company, no doubt, will cause positive emotions and improve the mood, and on your father's face, you will see a wide smile. He'll appreciate your gift!

Cartoon 'Golfer'

You don't have to be a master of golf to get into a picture, even if it's a joke. If your father is interested in this sport, he will be pleased to see himself in the image of a real 'golf guru' in a cartoon, which you will present to him. Choose the right background and add a couple of talking details, be it a confident pose or a stick, which your father has long dreamed of. This cartoon will breathe with genuine passion and sporting excitement. What else is there to feel like a golfer who can't imagine life without a golf club and a ball?

Caricatures on the theme of 'Professions'

What are some good Christmas gift ideas for dad that will highlight your respectful attitude? This is a caricature of your father's profession. On the one hand, this picture will help to lower the degree of seriousness in relation to Dad's profession. And on the other hand, it will tell how you appreciate and respect his professionalism and knowledge. Below we offer a selection of cartoons on the most popular professions.

Cartoon 'Dad-doctor'

The Doctor is a wonderful and respected profession; your father deserves credit for what he does for society. But at the same time, doctors can rarely afford to smile because they must rescue and treat people daily. Add a bit of humor to the ocean of seriousness - give your father a funny caricature, where he will appear in a white robe surrounded by his usual things. This cheerful cartoon will emphasize his importance as a specialist and tell him that you value his profession but want to bring his working life more positive. Your father will definitely put the picture on his desktop to gain positive energy from your gift.

Cartoon 'Dad-military'

Military men are strict and follow orders. The profession certainly has its imprint, and we are sure that your father remains serious in his everyday life. If you want to see his smile - give him a cartoon in the military entourage, but with a smile on his face. Such a picture will make anyone smile, and your father will remember that he is not a stranger to humor and fun. This is what you miss so much on Christmas eve! Your father's good mood guarantees that the festive feast will be fun!

Caricature 'Dad-policeman'

Have you always been proud of your police father but couldn't find the right words to say it? Do it with a talking cartoon. Let the picture show your dad smiling, even if he rarely does it in real life. Such a lovely and positive caricature will evoke pleasant emotions in your father and all your relatives. Think about which background and attributes to choose to make the cartoon more telling. You can put something unusual in your father's hands to add humor and make him smile.

Caricature 'Dad-mechanic'

If your dad spends all day collecting and dismantling cars, then he is a valuable employee without whom any car owner can't do. His profession is worthy of being imprinted on a cheerful caricature that your father will gladly show his friends and acquaintances. By presenting such a gift, you will show that you value the skills and experience of your father. He will gladly take the fun cartoon and most likely take it to work to show his colleagues.

Cartoon 'Dad-office worker'

Working in an office requires a lot of diligence and concentration, as well as the ability to communicate with different people and comply with deadlines. Imagine how many important and necessary qualities your office worker father has. He is a real multitasking superman, and you should appreciate it! Show your respect and love by handing your dad a cartoon where he will appear in his workplace. If you know his colleagues - they will be an excellent addition to the fun cartoon. We are sure he will gladly show off his Christmas gift at the office and appreciate your creativity!


If you want to make your dad an original Christmas gift, think outside the box and choose a fun and cheerful cartoon. To caricature 'hit the bull's eye', focus on the preferences of your father. Then your gift will be unforgettable and will delight him for many years. To please the father, you do not need much money - it is crucial for your gift to radiate positive emotions and love. It's the best thing you can give your dad for Christmas!