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We proudly display our diverse collection of drawing templates and popular caricature examples. Here, you can immerse yourself in the world of personalized caricatures and discover a wide range of creative drawing styles and techniques. Explore our caricature portfolio and let your imagination soar as you envision the perfect personalized masterpiece for your special occasion.


Caricature examples in literature and movies 

Caricatures are commonly used devices in art and literature. The primary purpose of a caricature is to exaggerate particular features or to deform them. In art, their goal was to satirize or ridicule its subject. In literature, caricatures were made by exaggerating personality, behavior, and physical appearance. They are created for a humorous or ugly effect or to highlight political or human manners. Caricature examples are often used to entertain people. They are meant to encourage us to look critically at ourselves and improve our empathy for the sufferings and frustrations of others. You can notice how many celebrities got the caricature treatment– for your entertainment. 

Many drawing styles and caricature artists 

View all caricature styles online: You can preview all caricature categories and examples available on We offer multiple themes and styles for your custom drawings. We can show in the best way you are practicing different hobbies and creating gorgeous art pieces. Get an awesome caricature with a creative and unique twist, the ultimate heartwarming personalized gift for any occasion. Create your personalized cartoon portrait from real photos as a unique gift for your friends and family on holidays and occasions from top selections for all holidays. 

Browse Photolamus samples and styles 

You can get a preview of all caricature categories available on, explore the gallery of our Artworks, and you will be able to select what suits you best from a multitude of formats, drawing, coloring, and digital styles! Select your favorite painter, and he will create a Masterpiece for you! Don’t hesitate to visit our gallery of all Photolamus caricatures and explore a variety of featured categories and themes! All artworks are created and printed following your expectations, meaning that every portrait is designed and drawn with love and care, creating a unique and authentic design. Caricatures can be depicted in a completely different style. It can be like a stylization of a brush stroke, a stroke of a pencil, or even a digital pencil technique. It is up to you; you can opt for different examples of each drawing style. Also, you can choose the level of detail of the caricature yourself. It can be graphic, minimalistic, or have more inclusions and nuances.