Caricature Drawing Prices

Lowest caricature prices are just one of the many things that set Photolamus apart from our competitors. We offer the most affordable caricature prices online, and you’ll never find more high-quality caricatures from any other company. Browse our caricature price list and get started on your very own personalized caricature today!

At Photolamus, we're proud to offer the highest quality caricatures at the lowest prices online. We know how expensive it is to have your face immortalised on paper or canvas, so we make sure that every single one of our artists delivers a top-notch product that's well worth its price tag. Browse our caricature price list and get started on your very own personalised caricature today! 

How much does it cost to hire a caricature artist? 

On average, a professional caricature artist costs 100-200$ per hour and requires additional accommodations. We offer the same professional drawing services but digitally with lower costs. Photolamus offers the most affordable caricature prices online over the web. 

How much does a caricature cost? 

We have the most affordable prices over the web. The average caricature cost is 20-50 USD. Of course, it depends on the selected drawing style; exaggeration level and body type; the number of props and background type; drawing time option; printing size, and shipping option. Discounts are offered for orders of 20+ persons. Ordering is very simple. All you need to do is select your drawing settings and upload photos for your drawing. A sort of gift-like caricature is perfect for any event or celebration. Our pro caricature painters can depict any caricature with a creative and unique twist, the ultimate heart-warming personalized gifts for any occasion at low prices. 

Photolamus caricature pricing and discounts 

You can get a preview of all caricature categories and caricature examples available on We will create a cartoon based on any photo you upload on our website. We offer the lowest prices online for caricature drawings. Besides various drawing themes, you can choose the level of detail of the caricature yourself. It can be graphic, minimalistic, or have more inclusions and nuances. 

The price depends on the multitude of formats, drawings, coloring, and styles. The average cost of a caricature is 20-50 USD. Discounts are offered for orders of 20+ persons. Creating a cartoon requires skill, hard work, and, of course, a sense of humor. With the ability to notice comedic nuances in facial features, expressions, and images, it is possible to draw a good caricature. Customer satisfaction is our priority in this duty; hence we will always do our best to make our customers happy. 

What settings can affect your caricature price? 

  1. Total number of persons, pets and vehicles; 
  2. Selected drawing style; 
  3. Exaggeration level and body type; 
  4. Number of props and background type; 
  5. Drawing time option; 
  6. Printing size and shipping option. 

If you are looking to purchase a big number of caricatures, feel free to contact our bulk department for additional caricature discounts at