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Family Christmas Caricature

A family caricature for Christmas will be a great gift. Having such a picture, any family can confidently say they have a unique relic. A caricature for Christmas with the image of all family members can surprise with its shape and give warmth. Such images play a significant role in people's lives. We will also help you give the image of a family Christmas group with more bright colours and cartoon nuances. Our professional artists of beauty can notice comedy in faces, pictures and events. Send us an original photo of your family, and we will be able to transform it into a funny cartoon story. We will add the main attributes of Christmas to the original image - a Christmas tree, coffee chains, and garlands. We will also add more vivid colours and emotions to the original image. Do you want to give a nice gift to your family or friends? We are always ready to surprise you with our skills!

Family Christmas Caricature

100% Hand-drawn by real artists

Experience the authentic artistry: Every Family Christmas Caricature is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artists, ensuring uniqueness and personal touch.

Unlimited free revisions

Complete Satisfaction: We're committed to capturing your vision for Family Christmas Caricature perfectly. Request as many revisions as you need, at no extra charge.

Delivered digitally or printed

Global Reach: Whether you're in bustling cities or remote islands, Photolamus ensures speedy delivery of your Family Christmas Caricature to every corner of the world.

Family Christmas Caricature

  • Coloring type

    The coloring defines either your caricature will be delivered in black and white or colored style.

    • Black and white

    • Colored

  • Body type

    You can choose body type between head and shoulders and full body for your cartoon character.

    • Head and Shoulders

    • Full Body

  • Background type

    Select the desired background for your custom drawing

    • White

    • Custom Scene

    • Caricature specifications

      How many characters would you like us to draw? Note: Each person, per, vehicle or object is counted as additional character.

    • Upload photos *
    • Drawing requirements

      Describe your overall drawing idea - include as many details, such as hobbies, favorite stuff, desired positions, clothing, objects and background.

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Coloring typeBlack and white

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Why order a Family Christmas Caricature from us?

We know that there are many online caricature services out there, but we are sure that our caricature artists are the best. The best for you and your personalized gifts.

Drawings from Photos

Each Photolamus caricature, cartoon or portrait is 100% hand-drawn by a professional artist. We do not apply any filters or effect. You will receive a fully hand made piece of art.

Fastest Caricature Delivery

Photolamus is the only website that offers super-fast delivery of caricatures, cartoons and portraits. Timing is our priority, so well do our best to deliver your order the fastest we can.

Affordable Caricature Pricing

Placing an order with Photolamus, means ordering your drawing at the most affordable caricature prices over the web with no doubts on quality: 4000px at 300 dpi

Talented Caricature Artists

An amazing group of Photolamus caricature artists are offering their wide variety of drawing styles and techniques. Drawing for you from: USA, UK, Germany and France.

How to order a family Christmas caricature?

For your caricature to be bright and be able to surprise family members, think about which original photo is best suited for cartoon transformation. Which group photo best suits your idea? You can also take a particular picture with all family members, ensuring that all family members smile and no one has serious faces. Just be sure not to reveal the secret of why you are taking this photo. Let no one know that you plan to make family Christmas caricature images. Thanks to this, your surprise will be even more unexpected! 

Our artists will work out in detail the comedic image of each character in the picture. We can notice the most outstanding features in the appearance of people. Sometimes these traits may not seem particularly obvious. An experienced artist can always see in a person's appearance and emotions what creates the central impulse of the image. While creating a caricature, we significantly strengthen these impulses. For example, if the character in the original photo has surprised eyes and prominent eyebrows, then he will have abnormally wide-open eyes and comically depicted eyebrows in the caricature. Thus, even solemn facial expressions can be transformed into comedic ones and used to create a cartoon plot.

What will be my caricature for Christmas? 

Your caricature will be bright and stylish. Our masters are proficient in many techniques of fine art. At your request, we can make a drawing for you with a pencil or paints. Also, a Christmas family caricature can have cartoon brightness of colours and the same depth and volume. Would you like to turn a family photo like the one we see on the screensaver of The Simpsons series? We are perfectly able to do this. Just send us the original image, and we will start working. 

You will receive a finished caricature in 1-7 days. The duration of the work depends on the complexity of the style and the variety of items in your creative task. We can send you the original handwritten work and a caricature in JPEG format. Digital images have a high resolution, so they can be printed on large-format sheets of paper to make posters and paintings on the wall. Rich image detail is another advantage of our works. Your caricature will look great from a computer screen or mobile device. Therefore, you should upload a Christmas caricature of the family to your social media profile.