Order Online Caricatures and Portraits From Photos

Upload your photo and get a funny caricature drawing or a beautiful portrait - hand-drawn from your photo by professional caricature and portrait artists.

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Order Online Caricatures and Portraits From Photos
Order Online Caricatures and Portraits From Photos
Delivery and Shipping

Your online drawing will be delivered to email as a JPG file of 4000px resolution. Additional delivery options: Drawing Printed on Canvas, Printed Drawing on Photo Paper and Caricature Printed on Mug.

Free Themes Add-on

We offer multiple themes and styles for your online drawings: Romantic, Superheroes, Wedding, Professions and Hobbies, Movies and many more. All themes can be added absolutely for free to your caricature or portrait drawing.

Unlimited Revisions

Our primary goal is to make you fall in love with your beautiful drawing! Any modifications requested after the final delivery of your caricature or portrait, will be executed with pleasure. We will keep drawing until you are 100% happy!

What drawing style would you like?
What coloring would you like?
What exaggeration would you like for the drawing?
Slightly funny drawing of you with a smaller body proportions
Funny caricature with exaggerated features and small body
Regular drawing with natural body and facial features proportions
What body type is good for you?
Head and Shoulders type defines regular foreshortening including shoulders. not including hands.
Half Body type defines character drawn from head to waist, including hands.
Full Body type defines character drawn from head to feet.
What background would you like?
The drawing will be delivered on as white background with no additional elements.
Submit a detailed description of the scene and background that will be fully hand-drawn for you.
Your drawing will be delivered as high resolution PNG file on transparent background. Perfect for business use.
We have a large gallery of pre-drawn backgrounds that you can choose from.
Would you like a specific theme? (you can request a certain character in the description box below
Upload the photos for the drawing:

How many characters would you like us to draw? Note: Each person, pet and vehicle is counted as additional character.

Photo tips:
  • Select the clear photos where each face is clearly visible
  • You can upload both separate and group photos
  • Upload photos via uploader below or send them to support@photolamus.com
How many people, pets and vehicles do you want to draw from photos

Your drawing requirements (optional)
Your Order's Quote
Your Drawing
  • Drawing style: Digital Style
  • Exaggeration level: Low Exaggeration
  • Body type: Head and Shoulders
  • Background: White
  • Theme: No Theme
  • Number of persons: 1
  • Number of animals: 0
  • Number of vehicles: 0

Drawing price:
19.99 $

How to create caricature online and choose style? 

To order and get an excellent caricature will be an easy task. Just choose Photolamus to buy the best online caricature! Upload a photo that you want to transform into a caricature or hand-drawn portrait, and our artists will soon perform your order. That is almost all that you need to do using a caricature order online service. Let us know how you see the future caricature or portrait. 

Photolamus will help you realize your vision, and you can buy a caricature online in just a few clicks using the most convenient payment systems for you. Order a caricature drawing for yourself or as a gift. We work very fast and will help you always have time to make the best surprise for friends, soulmate, or work colleagues. We will help you decorate your life with funny cartoons and charming portraits! 

Do you want to make a great gift or implement a long-standing idea? 

Photolamus creative community will help you create a unique caricature according to your creative task. We will help you to get caricature done online or portraits for a man, woman, child, family, or friend. We will create a cartoon based on any photo you upload on our website. It will not be challenging to order caricatures from photo. Just fill in all the necessary fields in the order form and choose the payment method to buy caricature. In several days, your painter caricature will send you a JPEG for approval and confirmation. You can also order a group of caricatures or portraits. Our artists will always be happy to make a caricature online and take on a new creative challenge! 

Why should I order a caricature from Photolamus? 

Creating a cartoon requires skill, hard work and, of course, a sense of humor. Without the ability to notice comedic nuances in facial features, expressions and images, it is impossible to draw a good caricature. The artists of our caricature drawing online service have all these qualities, which they have proven over many years of work, having implemented thousands of creative tasks. In addition to performance and skill, our artists are ready to please you with their comprehensive knowledge. They are proficient in all the basic styles of drawing caricatures. From classic monochrome images to complex digital images - here you can create a caricature in the style of any era of the development of this genre of art. Do you want to buy caricature online in the style of your favorite cartoon character or movie hero? We can realize such a task! Maybe you don't have a specific idea and just want to know what a caricature of your portrait would look like? Just entrust your idea to our artists and order caricature online. Very soon, you will see a result that will not leave you indifferent! 

Caricature online order provides you with the best possibilities to make a gift that will be appreciated. This kind of gift is excellent for a birthday or any other holiday. Such a gift will be to the liking of children and adults. After all, caricature always creates emotions. It skillfully plays with images and knows how to decorate familiar ideas with comedic shades. These shades suit every person. These shades can decorate almost all episodes of our life. Therefore, the caricature will never lose its value and relevance. Do you want to make sure of this? Let’s try together!