Superhero Caricatures

Superheroes have become an essential part of modern folk culture. Everyone has his favourite superhero who can fulfil us with hope, joy and good emotions. Also, superheroes are best for creating jokes and comedy plots. Let's do it together, create a fantastic superhero caricature! Professional artists from Photolamus creative community are ready to accomplish your daring ideas. Just send us your shot that we will use as a reference for the future caricature. We will create a superhero caricature scenario combining your image with the typical idea of a superhero. How would it be? Let's find out! Upload your material and get soon body superhero caricature in a ready-to-print JPEG file. We are ready to listen to your wishes and ideas and will surely surprise you with high-quality drawing techniques and stylization diversity.

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Superhero Caricatures
Superhero Caricatures
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In average, "Superhero Caricatures" drawings are delivered as digital images for your preview within 5-7 days. We offer Expedited drawing time options for rush orders with 1-3 days delivery. Note: the final delivery date mostly depends on the total number of characters.

Drawing Size

"Superhero Caricatures" drawings are delivered as high resolution JPG files of 8x10 aspect ratio. You can print the drawings on up to 40" locally or order caricature printing with us. We are offering Posters and Canvases of various sizes. All printing options are selected at checkout.

Free Revisions

You get unlimited free revisions for your "Superhero Caricatures". Since customer satisfaction is our main priority, we will add any modifications to your drawing until you are 100% happy with it! There's nothing impossible for our professional caricature artists team.

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Head and Shoulders type defines regular foreshortening including shoulders. not including hands.
Full Body type defines character drawn from head to feet.

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The drawing will be delivered on as white background with no additional elements.
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  • Body type: Head and Shoulders
  • Background: White
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Everyone would like to become a superhero! Everyone would like to try on a superhero costume and get his fantastic abilities. This wish can be easily fulfilled thanks to the Photolamus superhero caricature maker. All you need is to send us your photo or a picture of the person you want to portray in a superhero cartoon. And, of course, do not forget to specify what kind of superhero your caricature character should become! We will create a truly bright and cheerful image for you, developing an actual comedy plot. It's not as easy as it might seem, but we are able to cope with such tasks! We perfectly possess the skill to create an image and a comedic plot that is always an essential part of any caricature.

Yes, unlike many other types of caricatures, superhero collages always contain a unique plot. Your superhero will fly, shoot fire, lift heavy weights, fight monsters - do what he usually does on the pages of the original comic. This fact is worth remembering before ordering a superhero caricature. Think about what kind of story you would like to see? Please offer us your ideas. We will be able to implement your wishes in the brightest and most fun way. If you do not have specific ideas about the plot of the caricature, you can trust us. We will come up with it for you, and a real surprise will await you. It's always interesting to see what the artist has come up with.

How to use superhero caricature?

Unlike many other types of cartoons, superhero collages can be used for many purposes. Such caricatures perfectly fulfil the role of a gift. We make all the images in high resolution so you can print the caricature in any size. You will get a small picture that can be placed in a frame and a giant poster on half the wall. A caricature in the style of a superhero is a way to add irony and parody to routine life.

Do you want to praise your colleagues or employees? Show them that you consider them superheroes! Order caricature superhero cartoons with their image! Do you want to create a cool prank for a friend? Order a superhero image with his photo. Your idea will be appreciated and create a storm of positive emotions. There are dozens of cases where you can use a superhero caricature. These images are universal. They will help you to praise, cheer, create an intellectual parody, surprise and create an actual holiday. You can see this right now if you order a personalized superhero caricature from the Photolamus service.

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Vraiment parfait!!!! Je n’espérais pas mieux... Au top!!!

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I absolutely LOVE it. It came out amazing. They took 2 separate photos and created this masterpiece with the customized background. 10/10 would have them do any caricatures for me.