20 Famous People Caricatures

For caricature fans, this is the place to be. Look at some of the funniest and most influential caricatures ever created. These funny cartoons might just be so relatable to your daily life that you can't help but laugh. It's often said that the best humor comes from being able to laugh at yourself. In this article, you will see that caricatures can be of different types, whether we talk about them as an essential source to convey an important message from the political field, art, or as proof of the appreciation of humor. These art forms can serve various purposes, such as communicating a message to the public or simply for entertainment. Below are 20 celebrity or famous people caricatures created by some of the world's funniest and most creative people. The most common features of celebrity caricatures include exaggerated noses, enlarged heads, and razor-sharp teeth. And yet, when you look at a caricature, you always wonder what the author wanted to say.

1. The Queen

1. The Queen-0

The cartoon shows Queen Elizabeth II in a radio studio. She is about to give a speech over the airwaves. A caricature is a drawing or painting of someone exaggerated in their features. The Queen's nose is long, and her mouth is enormous. The artist, Tom Scarfe, often does amusing caricatures and captures the character of the person in question very well. Many artists have drawn caricatures of Queen Elizabeth II, each reflecting the artist's style. However, Scarfe's caricatures are particularly well-known and have become iconic representations of the Queen.

2. Marilyn Monroe (1983)

2. Marilyn Monroe (1983)-0

The American cartoonist Al Hirschfeld created an iconic caricature of Marilyn Monroe. Hirschfeld exaggerates Monroe's blonde hair and curvy figure with fluid and graceful lines. The artist's stylized and elegant caricatures have become widely recognized and celebrated, and his Marilyn Monroe caricature is often cited as one of his most famous works. Numerous formats have been used to reproduce it, including prints and posters.

3. The Plumb-Pudding in Danger (1805)

3. The Plumb-Pudding in Danger (1805)-0

In the early 19th century, British caricaturist James Gillray created one of Napoleon's most famous caricatures. The plum pudding in danger, a caricature by Gillray published in 1805, has become an iconic representation of Napoleon. Napoleon is shown carving up the world like plum pudding at a table with British Prime Minister William Pitt. He wears a bicorn hat and tucks his hand into his waistcoat, while Pitt holds a carving knife and wears a chef's hat. In Gillray's caricature, the two leaders are shown dividing the world between them.

4. John Wayne (1997)

4. John Wayne (1997)-0

Sebastian Krüger drew a caricature of John Wayne that shows him in his cowboy hat and suit. His features have been exaggerated for comedic effect. Krüger's paintings have bold, dynamic brushstrokes and a vivid, colorful palette. It makes them perfect for illustrating the character Wayne, known for being very grand and dynamic. The color and vibrancy of Krüger's paintings bring out the essence of Wayne's personality, which many people find fascinating. Krüger's portrait of John Wayne is a famous image of the actor, and it has been reproduced many times in print, posters, and other products. It shows how talented Krüger is as a caricaturist, and it's clear that John Wayne's legacy in Hollywood is still prevalent today.

5. Elvis Presley (1956)

5. Elvis Presley (1956)-0

Elvis Presley was a famous singer who was often caricatured. One of the most famous caricatures of Elvis was drawn by Al Hirschfeld, and it was published in The New York Times shortly after Elvis appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. The caricature captures Elvis's stage presence and his famous pompadour hairstyle. It's been widely reproduced and is now an iconic image of Elvis's popularity and cultural significance.

6. Bob Marley

6. Bob Marley-0

There are many great caricatures of Bob Marley, but one particular artist's work is particularly well-known and respected. Neville Garrick drew the artist many years ago, and it shows his distinctive dreadlocks and expression. The caricature has become a symbol of Bob Marley's music and cultural impact, and people have often used it to represent his music. It is still being determined when the caricature was first drawn, but Neville Garrick has been creating art featuring Bob Marley for many years. The caricature captures Marley's signature look and expression and includes some Jamaican culture and Rastafarianism elements. It's been widely reproduced as a symbol of Marley's musical legacy and cultural impact.

7. Albert Einstein (Oct. 21st 1933)

7. Albert Einstein (Oct. 21st 1933)-0

Sir David Low was a famous British cartoonist who often drew caricatures of famous people. One of his most famous caricatures is of Albert Einstein, which was published in the New Statesman magazine in 1939. Einstein is a genius known for his wild hair and expressive eyes. His wrinkles are exaggerated in the caricature to add to the idea of his wisdom.

8. Charlie Chaplin

8. Charlie Chaplin-0

Greg Williams is a famous British photographer and filmmaker. He's known for his portraits of celebrities and his work in the film industry. In the 1990s, he created a personal project that involved creating a caricature of Charlie Chaplin. The caricature features Charlie Chaplin as his famous "Tramp" persona. He has a small bowler hat, a cane, and baggy pants. His face is exaggerated, with large, round eyes, a tiny nose, and a prominent mustache. The caricature is funny and endearing, capturing the essence of Chaplin's iconic character. Chaplin was an actor and comedian famous for his work in the 20th century. Williams drew a caricature of Chaplin, showing how funny and charming he was. Williams' caricature pays tribute to Chaplin's work and the joy he brought to people worldwide.

9. Michael Jackson

9. Michael Jackson-0

Andy Warhol was an artist famous for his popular art style, which often featured images of celebrities and everyday objects. One of his most notable works is a series of paintings by singer Michael Jackson. The series consists of several prints of Jackson's face, each with a different color scheme. Warhol used bright, vivid colors and bold lines to create a striking and memorable image of the pop star. He also added a halo around Jackson's head in some prints, giving him an almost religious aura. The "Michael Jackson" series was made during Michael Jackson's peak of fame. It reflects Warhol's fascination with celebrity culture and the mass media. Jackson's music and dance have significantly impacted the world, and this series celebrates his legacy. After Michael Jackson died in 2009, some of his famous prints became even more popular among collectors and fans. Many consider them some of the world's most iconic and valuable pop art pieces.

10. Donald Trump

10. Donald Trump-0

In 1988, David Levine published a caricature of Donald Trump in the New York Review of Books. The image shows Trump with his arms crossed and a comical hairstyle. His facial features are exaggerated, including his nose and lips. This caricature was created during Trump's early years as a successful real estate developer in New York City. David Levine was a cartoonist known for his lifelike caricatures of people. He often drew them for magazines like the New York Review of Books and the New Yorker and died in 2009. His work is still famous today.

11. King Charles

11. King Charles-0

The picture of Prince Charles on the cover of Time magazine in 1981 was a caricature, not the original picture of him when he was crowned in 1969. A university gave Prince Charles an honorary doctorate, and this cartoon illustration of him receiving the award is well-known and popular. The cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe, is known for his satirical and often controversial artwork. The caricature of Prince Charles's investiture was created in 1969 when he became Prince of Wales. The artwork shows him as a somewhat comical figure with a long, drooping nose and an exaggerated, fashionable hairstyle. He is shown wearing a crown and a ceremonial robe, with a giant, awkward-looking Welsh dragon perched on his shoulder. The caricature of the royal family caused much controversy when it was first published, with many people feeling that it was disrespectful and insulting. However, the artist who created it, Mark Scarfe, defended it, saying that it was a satirical comment on the nature of monarchy and the absurdity of the investiture ceremony.

12. Barack Obama

12. Barack Obama-0

Many people have drawn cartoons of Barack Obama, but one of the most famous is the cartoon created by Shepard Fairey for his 2008 campaign. The image shows Obama in profile, with his face in red, white, and blue shades. He is looking upwards and to the right, with the word "Hope" written in bold letters below his face. The "Hope" poster became an iconic image of the Obama campaign. It showed a picture of Obama with the words "Hope" written below it. Artist Shepard Fairey said he was inspired to create the poster to capture Obama's positive message of change and hope in his supporters. Many people copied and parodied the poster in the following years. The image of Barack Obama was not without controversy. Some people thought it was stolen, and so a lawsuit was filed. However, the lawsuit was settled, and now people wonder if any images will be protected in the digital age.

13. James Earl Jones

13. James Earl Jones-0

Artist and caricaturist Al Hirschfeld drew the caricature of James Earl Jones as Paul Robeson in the early 1970s. This caricature showed Jones with a big nose and ears in a typical exaggerated style. It depicts Jones as the famous African American actor and activist Paul Robeson, known for his powerful voice and dedication to social justice. Hirschfeld's caricature of Jones shows how he looks with his expressive features and distinctive voice. The portrait is drawn with flowing lines and slight shading, so it looks like Jones is moving and energetic. Jones was an excellent fit for the role of Robeson because he had a powerful voice and was passionate about social justice causes. The image is a tribute to Jones's talent as an actor and Robeson's legacy as an artist and activist. Hirschfeld's caricatures are famous for their beauty, humor, and skill. His depiction of Jones as Robeson is a perfect example of his artistry. This image captures the essence of the actor and the character he plays so that it will be remembered as a tribute to two great artists and activists.

14. Salvador Dali

14. Salvador Dali-0

After completing his portrait of Sir Laurence Olivier as Richard III, Salvador Dali made a cartoon that was published coincidentally with the film's premiere. Date: 05/10/1955

15. Winston Churchill (Date: May 1st, 1926)

15. Winston Churchill (Date: May 1st, 1926)-0

David Low's caricature of Churchill is a famous example of how he was often portrayed during World War II. It features Churchill with a big cigar and a fierce expression. This caricature became an iconic image of Churchill during the war years because it was hilarious and showed how the public often thought of him.

16. The Beatles - Ed Sullivan Show (1990)

16. The Beatles - Ed Sullivan Show (1990)-0

Al Hirschfeld was a famous American artist who drew stylized black-and-white drawings of famous people. He drew many pictures of The Beatles during their heyday in the 1960s, and his drawings captured their distinctive personalities and styles very well.

17. Audrey Hepburn

17. Audrey Hepburn-0

Al Hirschfeld was a famous artist who drew illustrations of celebrities, including Audrey Hepburn, which features her wearing a hat and has become a famous and iconic image. The drawing of the actress has been used on various promotional materials for her films. It is an excellent example of the artist's talent in caricature and Audrey Hepburn's status as an icon in fashion and film.

18. Cary Grant

18. Cary Grant-0

Cary Grant is a famous actor who is often the target of cartoons. One of the most famous of these cartoons was drawn by Al Hirschfeld, an artist who has worked in The New York Times for many years. Hirschfeld's caricature of Cary Grant captures his features and personality very well. It exaggerates some things to make the portrait more humorous. For example, Grant's cleft chin is exaggerated, and his cheekbones are sharper than usual. His hair is styled exaggeratedly, too - perfectly coiffed and stands on his head. Finally, the caricature captures Grant's sense of style - he's wearing a tailored suit and tie.

19. Antony and Cleopatra (1909)

19. Antony and Cleopatra (1909)-0

Edwin Austin Abbey was a famous artist who created many illustrations and caricatures during the late 1800s. One of his most notable works is a caricature of Antony and Cleopatra. The caricature depicts the legendary couple in a dramatic style. Abbey's caricature is a large-scale painting that shows Antony and Cleopatra at the height of their power and love. It captures the grandeur and splendor of the ancient Roman world while emphasizing the dramatic and emotional intensity of the couple's relationship. The painting features Antony wearing a suit of armor and Cleopatra draped in luxurious fabrics and jewelry. Abbey's paintings are very detailed and realistic. She focuses on the intricate details of the costumes and surroundings and uses light and shadow to add depth and dimension. It makes the paintings look like they're moving and dramatic.

20. Mr. Bean

20. Mr. Bean-0

Many people have drawn cartoons of Mr. Bean, but one of the most famous is a cartoon drawn by Rodney Pike. Pike's caricature of Mr. Bean is a famous image of the character, and it has been reproduced in many different ways. It shows Pike's talent as a caricaturist, and Mr. Bean's popularity proves that he is one of the most charming and recognizable characters in modern comedy.

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