World’s Most Expensive Caricatures Ever Sold

Have you ever wondered what is the most expensive caricature in the world sold? Caricatures are depictions that exaggerate or alter the physical traits or attributes of a person or thing to produce a comic or sarcastic impact. A caricature's intent is frequently to make a scathing remark or criticism about the represented topic. Caricatures, such as editorial cartoons, entertainment, and advertising, can be seen in many situations. Artists frequently produce them with an acute observational sense and a gift for humorously or exaggeratedly expressing the essence of a person or item. The messages they convey can be interpreted differently by the viewers. Some perceive the art of caricature as pretentious and may not appeal to everyone's taste. But with all that, they are true works of art, precious both literally and figuratively. We have created a top 5 of the World's Most Expensive Caricatures Ever Sold to prove this. Of course, it is a relative or subjective top since the notion of 'expensive' or 'cheap' is subjective. But we hope you will like it.

1. Red Grooms New York Cityscape

1. Red Grooms New York Cityscape-0

The American artist Red Grooms created "Red Grooms New York Cityscape," a three-dimensional caricature of New York City. The sculpture depicts famous structures, monuments, and street scenes from several New York City boroughs, including Times Square, Greenwich Village, and the Brooklyn Bridge. The Cityscape is a fantastic illustration of Grooms' whimsical and humorous approach to drawing. One of the most expensive caricatures ever sold, the piece of art fetched $11 million at auction in 2017.

2. Tintin Drawing

2. Tintin Drawing-0

Who doesn't know TinTin? This cute and funny character is eager for new adventures; therefore, he becomes the protagonist of a famous caricature. The most expensive comic book artwork ever purchased was a Tintin design by Belgian cartoonist Hergé that was sold in 2021 for €3.2 million at a Parisian auction. The image, made in 1936 for the cover of Tintin's comic book "The Blue Lotus," shows the story's title character lounging on a dragon's throne. The main character, is depicted as a witty, gifted reporter who travels the globe with his dog Snowy. He has a round face and a quiff. Tintin has been a well-known literary character since his creation in the early 20th century; Tintin sculptures and memorial paintings can be found around Belgium. This fantastic character has appeared in various plays, radio, television, and feature films, notably the 2011 Steven Spielberg blockbuster The Adventures of Tintin.

3. Hergé, L’Îsle Noire, 1942

3. Hergé, L’Îsle Noire, 1942-0

Realized Price: € 1,011,200 In May 2014, two sales at the Artcurial 'Bandes dessinées' auction exceeded €1 million. One of them depicted the title reporter and his dog heading to a Scottish island searching for a gang of criminals in the Tintin comic book, L'Isle Noire. Hergé created the illustration, used as the book's cover from 1942 until 1965. However, the black-and-white model is extraordinarily uncommon and quite expensive.

4. Hugo Pratt, Corto Maltese – Les Ethiopiques, 1979

4. Hugo Pratt, Corto Maltese – Les Ethiopiques, 1979-0

Realized Price: € 391,840 Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese comic book series stars a courageous sailor named Corto as the title character. Over his adventures, Corto meets various characters, including real-life individuals like Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, and Butch Cassidy. In one adventure, he is even saved from ruin by none other than Stalin! The clothing's exquisite embellishments and dramatic use of shadows and highlights exemplify Pratt's particular style.

5. "Muhammad Ali" by LeRoy Neiman

5. "Muhammad Ali" by LeRoy Neiman-0

Sold for $38,400 in 2010. LeRoy Neiman started making posters to promote sales at nearby shops as a child. He later became a well-known artist who frequently created posters to honor and advertise significant athletic and cultural events. These posters serve as a reminder of his vibrant life and work. Neiman is regarded as the "Father of Modern Sports Art'' due to his thorough depiction of several athletic events. The Super Bowl, the World Series, the Kentucky Derby, championship boxing, the PGA and The Master's golf tournaments, and the Tour de France were all shown in Neiman's artwork. His impact was so significant that he was elected the official artist of five Olympic Games, and millions saw his live artwork creations throughout contests.

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