TOP 20 best cartoons for Christmas gift to a man

On Christmas eve, you must make a difficult choice to please your family and friends. What to give mom? Brother? Grandmother? These questions keep you on your toes and make you run back and forth to the store for some trinkets. It is pretty simple to please a woman by handing her perfume or candy. But with men, it is much more complicated. What is a good Christmas gift for a man, whether it is your friend, relative or acquaintance? Try to approach the search for a gift for a man creatively. Any man primarily appreciates humour (it is not by chance that they regularly gather the company and tell each other anecdotes). And if you find a gift that will cause a smile, you will please any man. The great Christmas present for the man who has everything will be a funny cartoon. However, for a cute cartoon to please, you will have to think a little about how to reflect the features of the man you will hand it to. Are you afraid you can't come up with anything? Then take advantage of our 20 Christmas gift ideas for a man who has everything.

Christmas cartoon

In the soul of every grown man lives a little boy who, on Christmas Eve, waits for his Santa and believes in miracles. Give him an unusual portrait in which he will appear as a Christmas hero. Dress him in red boots, add a large bag of gifts and send him to the fabulous forest. This picture will be a great addition to the holiday decor and bring any man a cheerful smile. His dream will finally come true on the merry caricature you give him.

Family caricature

The best Christmas present for the man who has everything is his big family gathered at the festive table. The real family man will appreciate the funny cartoon on which family and friends surround him. For him, family is the source of the warmest feelings and joyful emotions that can be captured in a cheerful cartoon. Such a joint portrait is necessary for every man because family support means a lot! The cartoon will embody this support and the love and respect a friendly family is based on.

Caricature portrait of an adult man

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a 50-year-old man who has everything, whether it is your father, grandfather or acquaintance, the best solution is to portray an elegant gentleman. Noble gray and glasses give solidity, but do not forget to add a little humor to the cute cartoon to make it a worthy embodiment of the holiday mood. This picture will look great on the wall in the bedroom or on the nightstand next to photos of family and friends. Think of the details that will show your special attitude towards the man. Sure, he will appreciate your creativity!

Jolly mug

As you know, men are big owners and tend to do their own everything that they can reach. But often, these owners do not have the most important - a personal mug! Such circumstances make any man's life unbearable. Correct this unfortunate omission and give him an original mug with a positive image that will be a source of positive emotions. Thanks to it, the new phrase 'my mug' will appear in the man's vocabulary, and he will become even happier. In response to such a gesture, you will receive a sincere 'thank you'.

Caricature in pop art style

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for an 80-year-old man who has everything, think of the pop art caricature that was popular during his youth. Although today pop art is back in fashion, many young people would also not refuse such a cartoon. This vivid picture will breathe with the far 50s when the souls of many were warmed by the songs of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Such a cartoon will become an actual portal to the past, where anyone can go at any time. In addition, a bright picture will become a beautiful decoration and add bright colors to the usual interior.

Cartoon of your favorite pet

Stern and manly men melt, looking at their pets, and are ready to perform any caprice of a fluffy tail instantly. If a man has a four-legged friend, a funny picture of him will be the best gift to bring a smile of tenderness. The joint portrait in which the master hugs his pet will bring even more pleasure. Such a portrait will be a source of positive emotions and will retain the memory of a pet for a long time. Is there anything more precious than those memories?

Cartoon 'Magician'

Any man does everything and always does it himself! It is a known fact. But sometimes, we all want to let go of the situation and send a request to the universe so that a wave of a magic wand fulfills the wish. Give the man this opportunity by handing him an original and funny caricature in which he appears as a magician or wizard. Be sure to tell him the magic spell that will allow him to fulfill his dream. And it's going to work because all wishes come true at Christmas! There is a simple recipe for this: write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, dissolve the ash in champagne and drink it in one gulp!

Caricature in the Harry Potter style

    What is a good Christmas present for a man who is a big fan of Joan Rowling's novels? Of course, it's a cheerful caricature in which he appears as his favorite character. Put him in a black cloak and give him a wand, and in the background, let the walls of the mysterious and grim Hogwarts rise. You can bring a bit of originality to the picture by adding the owl Hedwig as a devoted pet. We are sure that any Harry Potter fan will gladly accept such a gift and keep it for years to come.

    Cartoon 'Superhero'

    There is a superhero in every man. He is always ready to throw himself on the protection of the weak and help those who need it. Emphasize these noble qualities by handing the man a funny cartoon, presenting him as a solid and almighty superhero. Doing so will show your admiration and give a man confidence in his abilities. The funny little picture will become for him a real 'battery' that will charge him with energy to achieve the goals. When he looks at it, he will smile and think there are no barriers for him.

    Cartoon 'Beer lover'

    All men like beer. We don't think they'd trade it for another drink. If you need a gift for the beer lover, think of a fun and bright cartoon in which one of the central places takes a glass of foam drink. Let the size of the glass in the picture reflect the man's love of beer. To make the caricature a source of warm memories, add the man's best friends or close friends with whom he likes to have a glass of beer in his spare time. Such a cartoon is just the perfect gift for a real fan of the foam drink!

    Cartoon 'Music Lover'

    One of the best Christmas gift ideas for men who love music is the original caricature on which they appear with their favorite instruments. This way, you will emphasize the man's unique talent and love for music. Think about what nuances will add joyful emotions to this portrait. Maybe it is the original background, which will be, for example, the most famous concert hall in the world? Such a cartoon can become a dream come true. So far, it is just a fun cartoon, but it is possible that shortly this dream will be realized. And all thanks to you - after all, you have created the dream's clear image!

    Cartoon 'Hunter'

    If you are looking for a gift for an avid hunter, order a fun caricature in hunting style. Add to the picture the most crucial attribute, without which it is impossible to hunt- the gun. And don't be shy; let it be the most expensive gun of a known brand! You can also add hunting trophies and put the hunter where he has never been in his life! Let him smile, for example, against the background of high peaks covered with snow, though he has never seen them firsthand! Sure, any man will like such an original and fun gift!

    Caricature 'At the Campsite'

    Who does not like camping? It is an excellent opportunity to spend time in nature, surrounded by friends and family, away from the city bustle. Such trips leave the most pleasant memories, which can be captured in a funny and bright cartoon. It will keep the joyful emotions and help to feel free from daily rules and restrictions. A tent or trailer will be the perfect background; pets or a beloved woman can play the role of fun fellow travelers. This cheerful cartoon will undoubtedly appeal to any man, and he will gladly show it to his guests.

    Cartoon 'Sportsman'

    How to emphasize the sporting achievements of a man and make it clear that he is an example of determination and sporting will for you? The answer is to give him a caricature of the appropriate content. A fun cartoon surrounded by exercise machines, dumbbells and other sporting attributes will be evidence of hard work, without which it is impossible to achieve results in any sport. The man who regularly visits the gym is worthy of at least respect for his persistence, and a brilliant cartoon will tell about it without words.

    Cartoon 'Firefighter'

    The work of a firefighter is high-risk and requires maximum seriousness and focus. Every fire is a new challenge, a test of strength and courage. The fireman will be doubly pleased to get his joking image in full uniform against a large red car. Such a cartoon will become a bit of humor in the ocean of complex and responsible work. Looking at it, even the most serious man will have a smile on his lips. He will definitely take the cartoon to work to show it to as serious and responsible firefighters as he is.

    Cartoon 'Cook'

    One of the best Christmas gift ideas for men who like to cook is a fun and funny caricature on the subject. If you have such a friend, be sure to hand him a friendly cartoon to emphasize how you appreciate his unique talent for cooking. You can imagine him as an Italian chef, casting spells over exquisite pasta. Also, you can try the image of a French chef whipping a delicious cream. But if your chef friend has his own speciality, it makes sense to imprint it on a cartoon so that he proudly shows it to his friends and family in the future.

    Cartoon 'Manager'

    The man-manager is always busy and constantly trying to get the job done on time. As a multi-handed superhero, he can do several things at once. No wonder a smile rarely illuminates his concerned face. But you can quickly fix it. Give him a funny caricature where he will appear unusually. Such a funny picture will tell him about how others see him. They expect a cheerful smile from him, especially at Christmas, when the closest people are around. Let your gift become an endless source of positive and pleasant emotions!

    Caricature 'Veterinarian'

    What to give a veterinarian to express your respect and emphasize the value of his work? Every day he heals and saves from death sweet pets that fill our lives with love and joy. Such a person deserves sincere gratitude. Let your 'thank you' take the form of a funny cartoon with all the attributes of the veterinarian's work. Add images of saved tails to it - and the effect of the gift will not take long. You will undoubtedly be rewarded with a bright smile and a hug.

    Cartoon 'Dentist'

    Many of us are afraid to go to dentists, but these doctors are the nicest people with a sense of humor. Any dentist will gladly accept a fun cartoon where he appears in his office in the background of a large dental chair. If you want, you can put a mutual friend in the chair that will add humor and make the cartoon funnier. You can also add a funny cartoon with a thoughtful inscription to enhance the positive impression or accompany it with a witty wish. We are sure that such a bright picture will be accepted with gratitude and may become the original profile picture of the dentist on social media sites.


    If you want to give an original gift to a man for Christmas, order a cute and funny caricature that will reflect his hobbies, profession or personal qualities. Be creative to complement the friendly caricature with witty details that add humour to your gift. The cartoon will be an endless source of positive emotions and take a decent place in the house, regardless of the age of the man. You can use any of our ideas or create your own cartoon. It will be the best Christmas gift for the man dear to your heart!