TOP 21 Best Cartoons for the Wife for a Christmas Gift

On Christmas Eve, every man wonders: What gift should I get my wife for Christmas? How to please the beloved woman who is the main life support? Of course, no woman will refuse a luxurious and expensive gift, but no less joy will bring something original, capable of causing positive emotions. It's especially relevant if your wife already has everything. The best one of the Christmas gift ideas for a wife who has everything will be a cute and funny caricature that is a reflection of your touching attitude and endless love. With its help, you will show how well you have examined your wife during the years together and emphasize her special qualities and talents. This portrait is unique because it considers a particular person's features. The same can not be said of any other, even the most expensive gift you can buy in the Christmas market. What is a good gift for your wife on Christmas? Check out our list of 21 funny cartoons for your beloved wife. We're sure you'll find one that suits your spouse.

Christmas Portrait

Make your wife the heroine of a beautiful Christmas fairy tale by handing her a caricature of her image surrounded by the attributes of the holiday. Dress her in a red Santa costume, and put your house in the background, covered with snow. What could be cuter and more romantic than such a gift? This colourful picture will complement the bright festive decor. It can be hung on a Christmas tree as a reminder that your wife had a hand in creating a beautiful Christmas atmosphere. In return, you'll get your wife's smile.

Winter Cartoon

What is the best gift for a wife on Christmas? Of course, a winter caricature with a lot of snow, frosty, blue air and warm emotions. You can portray your spouse alone or keep her company with your children and pets. The main thing is that everyone in the picture smiles, and then the cheerful cartoon will radiate positive energy, able to warm you up even on the coldest winter day. Such warmth awaits all who are gathered at a large Christmas table. Show them a cheerful cartoon, and smiles will blossom on their faces!

Oil Portrait Cartoon

What is the perfect Christmas gift for my wife? - You ask. The answer is obvious: oil portrait! Any woman dreams of being portrayed in a picture, and you can easily do it by ordering a fun cartoon. It could be a personal portrait or a joint image of you. Just choose a suitable photo, and you will get a bright picture that seems to have come out from under the painter's brush after a while. It will bring your spouse, friends and acquaintances many positive emotions!

Funny Cartoon of a Married Couple

The best Christmas gift for a wife who has everything is a cheerful joint caricature of the spouses, which will emphasize the features of each of them. Add more romance by choosing the right background. Such a cute picture will embody your love, lasting many years. It will tell you how you feel and how much you value your wife and are grateful for everything she does for you. No woman would be indifferent to such a talking gift. In return, you will hear her 'thank you', and a smile will appear on her lips.

Pregnant Wife Caricature

Any caring husband asks himself: What is a good Christmas gift for my pregnant wife? Pregnancy is a unique period in a woman's life, accompanied by various emotions and feelings. This time is impossible to forget. The pregnant woman causes tenderness and deserves a cheerful cartoon that will forever capture the amazing period of expecting a baby. In time, all the anxieties and complications associated with pregnancy will be forgotten, and only the feeling of happiness that your wife experienced at that moment will remain. Let these happy emotions stay in the funny cartoon you will present to her forever.

Cartoon of Your Favorite Pet

If you have a furry friend in your family, we're sure your wife adores him. It is an eternal child to whom all tricks are forgiven and all free time is given. You'd rather be left without your lunch than suffer the pain of your favorite ponytail by depriving it of a walk. Emphasize the value of this family member to your wife by handing her a funny caricature of a pet. Let him look at her from the portrait with the love and devotion she deserves. The sweet cartoon will keep beautiful emotions for a long time and will become an endless source of positivity for your wife.

Caricature With a Car

What is a great Christmas gift for a wife who recently got behind the wheel of a car? Of course, her caricature as an experienced driver! You can go ahead and get her to drive the coolest car possible! Let this cheerful picture become the fulfillment of your wife's longtime dream! You can also choose the right background so your wife can fully experience the pleasure of traveling to Paris or Rome! And, maybe, it will be more pleasant for her to go to the mountains? Think through all the details so that the gift will make the right impression. Your wife will be delighted!

Caricature With a Glass of Wine

A glass of wine can replace a session with a psychologist for a woman and protect you from her complaints and discontent. Offering your spouse a glass of wine at dinner will give you a happy woman, far from everyday problems. The magical properties of the grape drink make it worthy of a central place in the fun cartoon where it will be depicted with your wife. Such a gift would be appropriate if your wife loves and understands wine. It will emphasize her excellent taste and warm her soul, as a sip of good wine does.

Cartoon 'Fitness Enthusiast'

A woman who wants to keep fit deserves respect! You can tell her that you appreciate her efforts with a funny cartoon of your wife in the gym with dumbbells in her hands. If she dreams of losing weight, you can instantly fulfill her wish by giving her a dream figure. With her tenacity and will, we are sure she will achieve the desired result, and your cartoon will be the best motivation for her. She will definitely hang it up in a prominent place to power up before workouts.

Cartoon in the Style of Your Favorite Movie

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for a wife who doesn't want anything is a cartoon in the style of her favorite movie. If your wife does not skip any series of some saga or rewatches the same film for the tenth time, she will be happy to be not just a spectator but an immediate participant. Give her this pleasure by presenting her as a beloved heroine. And you try on yourself the character of the second protagonist. We're sure your duet will be appreciated! Such a cartoon will surely cause a funny smile and take a decent place on your spouse's dressing table.

Cartoons from the Series 'Profession of the Spouse'

When you ask yourself, what would be a good Christmas present for my wife, remember her profession, which can be a great basis for a fun cartoon. Such a cartoon will emphasize that you respect your wife as a professional and are proud of her. Here is our selection of cartoons on the topic of the 'profession of the spouse'. If there is no suitable one among them - show imagination and invent your own!

Cartoon 'Wife-Chef'

Is your wife a professional chef? Or is she an excellent cook, spoiling you with exquisite dishes at family dinners? Anyway, she has a unique talent for making people happy with good food. And it should be inscribed on a funny cartoon so that all your acquaintances and guests immediately understand how special your wife is and how lucky you are with her! Portray your spouse in a chef's hat by the stove or with a large dish containing your favorite pie in her hands. This way, you will hint that you would like to eat it more often, and she will consider your wish! And a fun caricature will look great on one of the walls of your kitchen.

Cartoon 'Wife-Health Worker'

Medicine is a complex science, and anyone who has reached certain heights in it is worthy of respect! Only you know what a medical coat costs your wife! How many sleepless nights she spent at the books, and how much energy and attention she gives her patients! But she's driven by a noble desire to help people. Let a funny cartoon reflect this desire and tell about your wife's professionalism. And she will be pleased to see herself with your eyes full of love and respect. She will surely give you a grateful smile and a gentle hug.

Caricature 'Wife-Photographer'

Creative spouse - photographer causes envy of others. Because of her, you have a lot of beautiful photos. Is it possible that she does photography professionally? In any case, a cheerful cartoon in which your wife will appear in all her glory with her favorite camera in her hands. You can enhance the impression of the cartoon if the camera is the most expensive and modern - the one your wife dreams of! Who knows, maybe the next time you give her such a camera? And in the meantime, give her a good mood and positive emotions.

Cartoon 'Wife-Realtor'

If you're lucky enough to marry a realtor, you most likely will not deny yourself anything. Thanks to your wife's efforts and professionalism, you have enough money in your family. She's a real estate expert and really good with clients. Show her that you value her professional qualities by giving her a funny cartoon, 'the best realtor'. You can add a suitable inscription so that no one is left in doubt about what a wonderful specialist your spouse is and how proud you are of her and appreciate her!

Cartoon 'Wife-Teacher'

The best Christmas gift for the wife teacher will be a fun caricature. She has to be strict at work, but the funny cartoon will let her take her mind off and smile. You can portray your wife in a familiar environment or think of something unusual. For example, portray yourself and your loved ones as students. This way, you will emphasize that you have something to learn from your wife, and she will be pleased. We are sure she will show such a funny portrait to her colleagues, who will appreciate your imagination. Your wife will be pleased!


If you want to make an original gift to your spouse for Christmas, try to go beyond the usual framework of stereotypes. Gift a funny cartoon, which will be a source of positive emotions and tell a lot about your attitude to her. Such a present does not require large investments but will be valued much dearer than any expensive thing. You can choose any of our 21 cartoons, but keep an individual approach so that the cartoon reflects the personal features of your spouse. In this case, the cheerful cartoon will become a real masterpiece - a reflection of mutual love, appreciation and respect.