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Caricature Faces

Do you want to surprise a friend or girlfriend? There is nothing better than caricature faces. With such a gift, you will be able to light a fire in the soul of a loved one or friend, adding joy and gaiety to the familiar reality.

Caricature Faces

100% Hand-drawn by real artists

Experience the authentic artistry: Every Caricature Faces is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artists, ensuring uniqueness and personal touch.

Unlimited free revisions

Complete Satisfaction: We're committed to capturing your vision for Caricature Faces perfectly. Request as many revisions as you need, at no extra charge.

Delivered digitally or printed

Global Reach: Whether you're in bustling cities or remote islands, Photolamus ensures speedy delivery of your Caricature Faces to every corner of the world.

Create your own Caricature Faces:

  • Coloring type

    The coloring defines either your caricature will be delivered in black and white or colored style.

    • Black and white

    • Colored

  • Body type

    You can choose body type between head and shoulders and full body for your cartoon character.

    • Head and Shoulders

    • Full Body

  • Background type

    Select the desired background for your custom drawing

    • White

    • Custom Scene

    • Caricature specifications

      How many characters would you like us to draw? Note: Each person, per, vehicle or object is counted as additional character.

    • Upload photos *
    • Drawing requirements

      Describe your overall drawing idea - include as many details, such as hobbies, favorite stuff, desired positions, clothing, objects and background.

Your drawing

$ 21.99
Body typeHead and Shoulders
Background typeWhite
Coloring typeBlack and white

Number of persons1
Number of animals0
Number of vehicles0
Delivery5 days
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Total$ 21.99

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Why should you buy a caricature?

It will look great on the table, wall, or shelf. Also, you can use it as a profile photo on social networks. It will delight and add fun every time you see this image. Moreover, drawing caricature faces is not only funny but beautiful also. Our artists will create excellent ideas for you, following the laws of the genre. Your caricature will be bright, memorable, and capable of creating emotions. Have you ever been a cartoon character? Photolamus will help you to immerse yourself in this funny world of adventures! You will be amazed at how bright and fun your caricature will look.

Why do you need to have your caricature?

All people need fun and emotions. Otherwise, life can become dull and depressing. How to get rid of the dullness of being? Art offers one of the best genres - a caricature. This genre works perfectly with emotions, which you can notice by the example of a caricature of a face. From the caricatures of faces, the genre of caricature itself began when the first graphics of antiquity skillfully used a brush to add more irony, sarcasm and comedy to the appearance of famous people of previous eras.
Times have changed, and today a face caricature is not offensive but quite a positive creation that everyone must have. It would help if you had your caricature. Yes, let’s caricature your face! It will help you take a fresh look at yourself. Each person's face is unique. It has a lot of contrasting features and a lot of mimicries. A person does not see himself and does not know how emotional, bright and playful his facial expressions can be. A good caricature face can introduce you to the emotions of your face for the first time. To achieve a more comical result, the caricature will slightly enhance every feeling seen on your face. This is how a caricature face copes with its task because it is the art of laughing at images.

And also - it's a great gift!

It may seem less obvious, but it is beneficial for every person to have their caricature face drawing. Therefore, you can buy it as a gift for a friend, girlfriend, family member, work colleague or another person. Many people think that with such a gift, you risk committing a foul. In Photolamus, you will never achieve a foul because we always try to put as much art into our work as possible. Therefore, we are working very carefully on the artistic aspects of the future caricature drawing faces. As a result, you get a real comedy, the art of hyperbole, and not a picture that deliberately ridicules a person or makes his image unpleasant.
And yet, caricature faces are a stylish and beautiful piece of art! We use dozens of drawing techniques to create colourful, contrasting, inspiring works of art. The caricature can be stylized as handmade or have a digital or cartoon outline. The emotions of the face themselves can be completely different. The same person can have a more snide, gangster-style expression and a loving, spiritual one. A caricature face shapes is an eternal fantasy on the topic of what the image of a person could be!