Outline Caricature

Are you looking for a fantastic Outline Caricature? Line caricatures are a unique art form that captures a person's or subject's essence through minimalist yet expressive lines. The beauty of line caricatures lies in their ability to distill complex features into simple, striking shapes, conveying emotion and personality with a few well-placed strokes. Whether in black and white or with added color, line caricatures have a timeless appeal that all can appreciate. By providing detailed suggestions and ideas, you can help ensure your vision is accurately translated into the final product or outcome. The outline portrait will be sent as a high-resolution JPG file to your Email for approval. We also offer additional delivery options at extra cost: Canvas, Photo-paper, Mug, or T-shirt. Worldwide shipping is also available.

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Outline Caricature
Outline Caricature
Drawing Time

In average, "Outline Caricature" drawings are delivered as digital images for your preview within 5-7 days. We offer Expedited drawing time options for rush orders with 1-3 days delivery. Note: the final delivery date mostly depends on the total number of characters.

Drawing Size

"Outline Caricature" drawings are delivered as high resolution JPG files of 8x10 aspect ratio. You can print the drawings on up to 40" locally or order caricature printing with us. We are offering Posters and Canvases of various sizes. All printing options are selected at checkout.

Free Revisions

You get unlimited free revisions for your "Outline Caricature". Since customer satisfaction is our main priority, we will add any modifications to your drawing until you are 100% happy with it! There's nothing impossible for our professional caricature artists team.

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Head and Shoulders type defines regular foreshortening including shoulders. not including hands.
Full Body type defines character drawn from head to feet.

What background would you like?

The drawing will be delivered on as white background with no additional elements.
Submit a detailed description of the scene and background that will be fully hand-drawn for you.

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  • Select the clear photos where each face is clearly visible
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  • Body type: Head and Shoulders
  • Background: White
  • Number of persons: 1
  • Number of animals: 0
  • Number of vehicles: 0
  • Number of props: 0

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Outline Caricatures - a pleasing addition to your collection

Line caricatures have a unique beauty in their simplicity and playfulness. By using just a few bold lines, artists can capture the essence of a person's features and personality strikingly and humorously. Unlike more realistic portraits, line caricatures exaggerate and simplify the subject's features, creating a genuine masterpiece that is instantly recognizable and often more memorable.

A Line caricature would make an excellent decoration for someone's home or phone wallpaper. Whether you display it as a framed print on your wall or as the background on your phone or computer, it's sure to provoke a smile and add some fun and whimsy to your surroundings.

Caricature outline can serve as fantastic and unique gifts for any occasion.

Whether for a birthday, wedding, or graduation, this art form is a thoughtful and personalized gift that will surely be cherished for years. It can be created in various mediums, making them a versatile gift that suits any taste or style. Whether a digital print or a hand-drawn original, such a portrait drawing will make the recipient smile and be treasured for a lifetime.

The Photolamus line caricatures stand out for their ability to perfectly capture the original photo's likeness while depicting a subject's hobbies, interests, dreams, aspirations, and quirky habits in fun and engaging way. Our skilled artists use a combination of exaggeration and simplification to create a cartoon piece of art that is both instantly recognizable and unique. By taking the time to understand our clients and their personalities, we can create truly personalized portraits that capture the subject's essence.

Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a professional portrait for a business or event, our line caricatures will stand out and bring a smile to everyone's face.

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Perfect. Sorry it took so many tries. My daughter loves it.

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Your work is the best! That's why I keep coming back!

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Totally adorable! This really captures the puppy's feisty-ness! Thank you so much. Every time, you've delivered the best caricatures :)

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LOVE, love, love!!! This is the 4th dog I've had you guys do a drawing of and they are all FANTABULOUS!!!

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This looks amazing! Thanks again for all your help; can't wait to get it! :)

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I have had a few request for changes and you have done them so willingly. I am very hapy with the final outcome. Thank you so much. As it is a christmas present I cant wait to see it up on the wall after christmas.

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You are all awesome! We love working with you and your team at Photolamus! This is our 3rd year using you for our Holiday cards and we are so happy we found your company.

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Hello, I LOVE this so very much - this has exceeded my expectations!!! Thank you so VERY much!!! I'm speechless

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