Top 20 pet memorial gifts hand-made from photos

Pets are lovely creatures that offer unconditional love to their owners daily. They are caring and loving, and we can learn much from them to fortify our connections. But unfortunately, passing away is something inevitable that we must overcome sooner or later. The loss of a special furry friend is a very unpleasant experience. The role of pet memorial paintings is to honor and memorialize our passed-away little companions. It is a great way to turn their loss into something more joyful and less painful. It permits their owners to see their pet's face regularly and smile instead of getting caught in the grief and discomfort that often comes with these losses. Pet memorial portraits are always considered beyond keeping records and have been used as a creative tool to show the main subject's importance, beauty, charisma, or other qualities. Please find below the Top 20 pet memorial gifts hand-made from photos, also perfect for pet memorial tattoos (that your artist will use as a sketch for tattoo):

Pet memorial cartoon portrait

For animal lovers, it's always pleasant to look at photos of their pets. A Pet memorial cartoon portrait is a great way to pay tribute to a pet you have lost, but they also make fabulous personalized pet memorial gifts for all pet lovers. It will also serve as a symbolic item that will honor your dog's memory and help you deal with the loss efficiently.

Owner with pet memorial cartoon portrait

Another gift option would be an owner with a pet memorial cartoon portrait. You can also demonstrate your love and help to a friend who is grieving the loss of a pet by giving them something that symbolizes or reminds them of their animal friend. If you are sure that the pet owner is not very sensitive and has already overcome this moment of losing their pet, you can make him happy with such a touching, healing Gift.

Rainbow Bridge Memorial Pet Portrait

First, let's define the 'Rainbow Bridge' term. It would be that passageway from this life to the afterlife over an imaginary bridge of vibrant colors. Framing this symbolic element in a portrait brings to mind such a painful experience but also represents a great way to preserve the memory of your beloved pet forever in a creative manner. The Portrait will look great on your Social Networks, or it can even decorate the interior of any home or workspace in a beautiful frame.

Forever in Our Hearts Pet Memorial Portrait

The heart is the place that keeps alive the memory of the most beautiful loves and experiences. A creative portrait with such an inscription will melt anyone's heart and sensibilize even the coldest person. That's why this expression is a way to show someone's importance; in our case, we are talking about pets that have passed away.

Group Pets Memorial Portrait

This unique pet memorial gift idea is suitable for those who love animals and have several pets that have already passed away. We can frame your little companions in a beautiful piece of art that will serve as an excellent keepsake for ages. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or any other companions who are no longer among us, you can show your eternal love for them within such a portrait.

Memorial Dog Portrait in Black and White Style

Using black and white colors in a drawing is the perfect way to represent your beloved pet's passing away. A talented artist will know best how to play with shadows and lights to bring out the beauty of your little friend and accentuate his personality and character. The colorless graphite style will give an even greater depth to the painting.

Group Pets with Halo Memorial Portrait

Group Pets with Halo Memorial Portrait is created to diminish the hurt caused by the loss of our little companions and a great chance to remember the best moments of life with our canine friends. It can serve as an excellent Gift for our friends, relatives, or coworkers who have lost their furry four-legged friend; they will be delighted and will keep this drawing forever. Just imagine their reaction when they see this work of art and what emotions it will arouse.

Watercolor Natural Dog Memorial Portrait

The watercolor technique has always looked special in its expressiveness and beauty by offering a slightly nostalgic and emotional touch. Dogs have a cordial and mild look, which makes the drawings with this theme look extraordinary and exude excellence and devotion. A Watercolor Natural Dog Memorial Portrait is a great practice to honor and memorialize a passed-away pet and keep the most amusing moments from your pet's life for ages. And to add even more emotion to such a painting, we can add any desired inscription or detail, following your requirements.

Watercolor Dog Loss Memorial Portrait

Losing a pet is a profound loss because animals’ love is unconditional and sincere. Unfortunately, we cannot change anything in this regard. We can only honor and memorialize these fantastic creatures. Of course, we can do it in various ways, but art and creativity come to our aid with new ideas. A Watercolor Dog Loss Memorial Portrait - is an excellent choice for this occasion. The artistic way combined with a lot of mastery and talent will transform a simple photograph into an actual work of art.

Rainbow Watercolor Dog Memorial Portrait with Halo

    A Rainbow Watercolor Dog Memorial Portrait with Halo is a suitable gift for those people who want to transform this sad and painful event into something colorful and dynamic. Using this style to depict a portrait will remind you of the best moments with your pet and is also the perfect way to make a lifelong memory. This beautiful piece of art will continue your pet’s legacy even after they’re gone and serve as a lifelong keepsake.

    Grayscale Cat Memorial Portrait with Halo

    The pain of a loss can often feel overwhelming and generate all sorts of painful and difficult emotions. Although losing a pet is inevitable, there are creative ways to deal with the pain, manage the grief, and perhaps even open your heart to another animal friend in due time. A Grayscale Cat Memorial Portrait with Halo is an attractive option to honor your close friend, eliminating every form of color and only leaving different shades of gray.

    Custom Owner with Cat Memorial Portrait

    Many of us have a powerful emotional connection to our animal friends. A beloved family member gives us love, a positive mood, and a lot of fun. A pet can give you a sense of and help you overcome the most challenging periods in your life by offering warmth and a lot of affection. It is natural to feel sad and weak when a beloved pet dies. A Custom Owner with Cat Memorial Portrait will ease this pain whenever you look at this beautiful piece of art. Moreover, the Cartoon Portrait will look fantastic on your Social Media or even decorate your home interior and will remind you of the best, most beautiful moments spent with your little friend.

    Watercolor Cat Memorial Portrait with Halo

    Colors have a fantastic ability to heal wounds, especially when they are framed in a beautiful work of art. Our affection style develops in early childhood and is primarily based on dealings with primary caregivers. What we learn during early evolution forms our worldview and creates patterns of connecting and relating to others. That's why we suffer so much when our fluffy or less fluffy friend dies. A Watercolor Cat Memorial Portrait with Halo will help you overcome these sad moments more manageably through the vibe and mood it offers.

    Cat Memorial Portrait in Pastel Watercolors with Halo

    Using these tranquil tints to depict your beloved furry friend allows owners to turn their loss into something more upbeat and slightly painful. It allows them to see their cat's face regularly and smile instead of getting caught in the grief and pain that often comes with these losses. A Cat Memorial Portrait in Pastel Watercolors with Halo can be a precious gift for someone who has gone through this experience, be it a friend, colleague, or relative.

    Cat Loss Memorial Portrait in Natural Watercolor

    We know well that the death of our favorite animal is painful. Our custom-colored memorial cat caricature drawing in a digital style from your photos will help you get through it more painlessly. Furthermore, the drawing will describe the character's personality and charisma, making it one of the most emotional creative statements. A Cat Loss, Memorial Portrait in Natural Watercolor, is an excellent choice.

    Any Pet Memorial Portrait

    Any animal gives us so much love and affection that it lifts our enthusiasm in a second. Whether it's a handsome horse, a fluffy kitten, a friendly dog, or a playful and untamed little hamster, we are constantly inspired by their expressive nature. But when one of these friends passes away, we suffer so much. Any Pet Memorial Portrait is an excellent way to keep a vivid memory of those unique moments in the life of these lovely animals.

    Pet Memorial Portrait in Graphite Watercolor

    Our high-quality personalized memorial pet gifts are created to honor and commemorate a passed-away pet creatively. This technique is based on Black, White, and the Depth In-Between. It's an impeccable style to accentuate the depth of your pet's gaze with the help of shadows and light, and it is also the best way to cherish and memorialize your lovely pet forever.

    Owner with Pet Watercolor Memorial Portrait

    If you want to surprise a loved one who lost their pet forever, you can count on our help; for whatever occasion, we have the best solution! Such a portrait will melt anyone's heart, for sure. It is more than a simple gift; it has a very emotional and personal touch and vibe. The recipient will enjoy it for many years and can use it as a decorative element in any room, either at home with other pictures or paintings or at the office.

    Pet Caricature Poster Hand Drawn from Photos for Memorial Gift

      Our pets are sources of unconditional love, so the death of a pet can have a substantial negative impact on us or any pet owner. As always, personalized gifts come to our aid; many inspiring designs can transform this stage into something colorful and less painful. A Pet Caricature Poster, hand-drawn from Photos for Memorial Gift, will enchant anyone's eyes and transform that nostalgic and melancholic state into a cheerful and playful memory. A natural brush or a virtual one can bring color to any environment.

      Angel Wings Memorial Pet Portrait

      Angels with their wings would mean the departed person's soul being accompanied to heaven. Using this symbol in a Memorial Pet Portrait will melt anyone's heart and give a sensitive touch to an ordinary portrait. A photo reflects the exact image of what it sees, but a creative portrait has narrow boundaries and surpasses our imagination. We can smoothly customize the background setting in the portrait to make it look more captivating. You can ask the artist to add your little companions from the photos captured in different locations and at different times.

      Each photo of the main Subject has an extraordinary story that speaks louder than words. We hope that this article was helpful to you and inspired you to choose a suitable gift for this occasion. Please provide brief information about what you're looking for, and specify any requirements and criteria we must follow while drawing the portrait from photos (e.g., color scheme). We offer an unlimited number of free revisions so that, in the end, you will receive a stunning piece of art.