Caricatures Printing Options

Our comprehensive selection of drawing printing choices empowers you to bring your caricatures to life in stunning detail, creating memorable keepsakes, personalized décor, and thoughtful gifts that will stand the test of time.

Caricatures Printing Options

Caricature Poster

Elevate your caricature to a larger-than-life level with our Caricature Posters. Perfect for adding a touch of humor and personality to your walls, these high-quality prints capture every detail with vivid colors and impeccable clarity. Whether it's a cherished memory or a whimsical creation, our posters make a statement in any room, turning your caricature into a true work of art.

Head and Shoulders Person Caricature Poster Print in Color StyleGroup Colleagues Caricature in Black and White as Poster PrintHead and Shoulders Group Caricature Poster Print in Color StyleFriends Caricature Portrait from Photos with Colored Background - Print on Poster

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Canvas Caricature

Experience the magic of your caricature on canvas. Our Caricature Canvas prints bring your artwork to life with a timeless and elegant touch. Each canvas is meticulously crafted to showcase your caricature's every nuance, making it an ideal choice for creating a lasting impression in your home or office. Cherish the artistic charm of your caricature on canvas, a conversation starter and centerpiece all in one.

Canvas Caricature of 1 Person in Colored StyleCustom Man Portrait from Photo on Canvas for Father's Day GiftCanvas Print: Group Digital Caricature Portrait from Photos on White BackgroundCustom Caricature of Couple with Pets in Color Style as Photo Paper Print

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T-shirt Caricature

Wear your sense of humor and creativity with pride! Our Caricature T-shirts let you carry your favorite caricatures wherever you go. Crafted with premium materials, these shirts not only guarantee comfort but also serve as a unique canvas to showcase your caricature in style. Whether it's a self-portrait or a caricature of a loved one, let your T-shirt become a walking work of art that sparks laughter and conversations.

Printed Caricatures
Person Funny Exaggerated Style Caricature from Photos for Custom Gift on T-shirtFamily Caricature Drawing in Color Style from Photos as T-shirt PrintFamily on Motorcycle Caricature in Colored Style as T-shirt PrintCouple Caricature in Black and White Style Hand Drawn from Photos as T-shirt Print Gift

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Caricature Mug

Start your day with a smile using our Caricature Mugs. These personalized mugs bring your caricatures to life in a fun and functional way. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea while savoring the humor or memories your caricature holds. These mugs are also perfect for gifting, making each sip a delightful experience and a reminder of the special moments you've shared.

Printed Caricatures
Custom Pet Portrait on MugSuperhero Woman on MugBlack and White Cartoon on MugFamily with Kids Mug

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Ready to Transform Your Photo into Caricature?

What caricature size is suitable for printing? 

You can have a perspective picture of our gallery of works and view all sizes and printing options. All drawings are delivered as high-resolution JPG files for preview. After customer confirmation, we will print and ship the drawing. All caricatures will look good on any size up to 40". If you require a larger size, let us know before ordering. Caricature online order provides the best possibilities to make a welcome gift. This model of art is an excellent gift for a birthday or any other holiday. Such a gift will enchant children and adults. Just go for Photolamus online caricatures! Upload the best-loved photo you would like to transform into a caricature or hand-drawn representation, and our artists will soon take care of your order. On our website, you can view all sizes/printing options and caricature printing prices. Upload your photos and get high-quality personalized cartoon portraits created to celebrate your precious memories. Customer satisfaction is our priority in this duty; hence we will always do our best to make our customers happy. 

What texture to print a caricature? 

A Caricature printed on a Poster will be an impressive birthday Gift for your loved ones. If you want paintings to add more vitality and drive to your home or workplace, you should consider printing on canvas. Our artists are skillful in all the basic techniques of drawing caricatures. From classic monochrome to complex digital depictions, you can create an original caricature in the manner of any historical period you wish. Please explore our complete drawing pricing list online. Choose to celebrate your precious memories with a fantastic Caricature print and get a personalized Portrait with a beautiful Background. What about the texture - it will look great on any surface if printing is HD. Discover our complete drawing pricing list online. Additional delivery options for an additional fee: cartoon drawing on a Poster, Canvas, T-shirt, or Mug. Regular and Express shipping worldwide!

Large caricature prints for gifts

Are you looking for an exclusive present for a special occasion? Whatever festivity you are celebrating, we have the best solution! Large caricature prints are perfect for solemn occasions, birthdays, corporate events, weddings, and others. The bigger they are, the more remarkable the impression they make. Ordering a Large Caricature will have a significant positive impact on your loved ones. It is known that a caricature represents the essence of a person in an over-the-top way to highlight specific physical characteristics. Such a caricature will be a tremendous gift and will decorate the interior of any home or workplace. You can also go for a group of caricatures or portrayals. We will always be delighted to make a caricature online for you and take on a new creative challenge!